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How to make a copy of the key without having the key

como hacer una copia de llave sin tener la llave

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Loss of keys is something that happens to everyone, no one is saved from it. So it is very important to know how to make a copy of the key without having the key.

It happened to us too, we admit, but we always end up receiving it again or using the copy. And it is essential in times like when we want to open a storage door without a key.

But if you’ve lost the only key, you may be wondering: How to make a copy without having the original key?

how to make a copy of the key without having the keyHow to make a copy of the key without having the key

This is a very good question, and certainly if you asked your neighbor, he may have told you that he should lock change. We have an article that explains how to fix a lock that won’t open.

But there is another solution.

Sure, it’s not something you can do at home, though, if you have locksmith equipment, of course you can joke, because if you read this, it’s because you need help with a lock and obviously you don’t have a team of locksmiths.

But we have two news for you, one good and one not so good:

The first, if it is possible to make a copy of the key without having the key original.

copy of keys

And the second, not so good, is that it is a job for a professional, which can be done in minutes and at home.

Because any professional locksmith masters different techniques and has the necessary tools create the key copy without having the key.

Want to know how to make a copy of the key without having the key?

Well, keep reading that here we will teach you the processes performed by locksmiths so that you can make a copy using the same lock.

Learn how to make a copy of the key without having the key

the locksmith is an art, and locksmiths are in charge of making it, applying different techniques to open all kinds of locks, they are even able to copy a key from a lock without having the sample key.

duplicate keys

For you, who definitely want to absorb the art of locksmithing, we will teach you a good part of what is behind this process.

How to copy a key without having the sample key with the cylinder extraction method

This technique is most commonly used to make a copy the key without having the key shows.

It takes a lot of knowledge about locks, as well as some specialized tools for locksmiths to be able to create the copy.

how to make a master keyHow to make a master key

So, without further ado, let’s see how the key is copied.

  • The first the bowl is removed lock, which must be done with great technique so as not to damage the lock.
  • With cylinder outside the lock the cylinder is unlocked to be able to remove it later.
  • But first you have to enter a blank key or smooth inside the lock.
  • In the back you have to enter a laina locksmithThis will keep the pins or pistons aligned while pushing the key outward, then with the tip of the key, the lock is rotated slightly to secure the pins or pistons on one side of the cylinder.
  • Now an aluminum tube is inserted from the back, it has the same characteristic of the cylinder, but without pin holes and much longer when pushed quickly the locking cylinder will come out.
  • Along with the cylinder, the pins or pistons will also come out, indicating the shape that the grooves or key teeth should have.
  • Then, very carefully, measure the pins and continue to make notches with a round file in an empty key.
  • After a few minutes you can get one the exact copy of the key.
  • Of course, then the whole lock is reassembled to place it on the door.

It’s so simple for locksmith geniuses
make a copy without having the key

But if you were the victim of a robbery, and your wallet and keys were taken from you, you definitely want to be able to enter the house and, of course, change the key, best of all, you don’t have to change the whole lock.

price key copy

Because with a locksmith you have the option to create a new key for the lock, because it can change the cylinder pin combination and so you have a new set of keys.

If you have an old closet or door, there is another method that an old school locksmith can apply so you can make a copy of that lock without having a sample of the keys.

Learn how to make a copy of a key using the print method

This was a method used by old locksmithsIn fact, there are still a few locksmiths who dominate today copy-print technique.

copy the backup keys

This method has a peculiarity, namely that it is made in locks that are used paddle keys, which were widely used in ancient times.

To perform this technique requires a lot of practice and a very good sense of tact to be able to make a faithful copy of the lock.

automatic copy keys

So, without further ado, let’s see how to make a copy of the key by printing without having the key.

  • To perform this technique you need a simple or virgin key, a lot of tact and technique.
  • The key is inserted into the lock and repeated, clockwise movements are made, even if the cylinder cannot rotate.
  • This way, you will get a kind of impression on the key.
  • Now with fine locksmith file it is modeled in the places where it was marked when the key was inserted.
  • This would give you a key to that lock.

But come on, this technique has its disadvantages, because it is very old and this type of locks is now little used.

key copier

Although, these are not the only ways to make a copy of a key without having the model key.

One way to make a copy of the key is the computerized method, which is the most expensive of all, but the most effective when copying a key directly in the lock.

However, few locksmiths have such a technology to apply the latter method, also, if we are on the spot and talk about money, this would be much more expensive.