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How to make a collage in Microsoft Word

How to make a collage in Microsoft Word

Make a collage in Word It is one of the tasks that this text editor allows users to perform. Collage is used to make compositions in which images or shapes are superimposed on each other. It is an interesting option when we want to create a photo montage, for example. If you want to learn how to create a collage using Microsoft Word, don’t miss the following tutorial.

Step by step to set up a collage with Word

Make a collage with Word it is a very simple and fun process. Just choose the images and shapes you want to compose and follow a few simple steps:

  • You must first open a blank document in Word and access the Print Layout menu or page layout
  • You can then start setting up the collage by inserting graphics from Image> Insert> Clipart
  • Choose the first image you want to overlay and place it over the document. Do the same with the rest of the images and start orienting them the way you want. You can do this from the menu of each image.
  • Optional Image tools> Wrap text, you can bring in front or behind the text or other images and shapes
  • Just repeat the forward and forward steps to place and overlay the images on top of each other. You can resize images by dragging dots around the photo. A rotating arrow icon will appear at the top to place images in different orientations.
  • When you have finished designing the collage, you just need to save your work by clicking on File> Save As
  • If you want, you can print your collage, always keeping in mind that the collage is designed to fit the standard paper size for a conventional printer.

In this simple way you can create a collage in Word, totally customized. In addition, Word gives you the ability to do many other things, such as make invitations and even make a crossword puzzle.

Did you know …

The origin of the word «collage» comes from the verb Coloring which in English means «paste»

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