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How to lock your mobile phone to a single application (lock screen)

Cómo bloquear el celular a una sola aplicación (Fijar pantalla)

«Lend me your cell phone to make a call» or «Borrow your phone to play games» are things that are always heard from friends and family. Okay, but sometimes some people can go beyond a call or the game itself. That is, they can also see what we have saved on our mobile phone: photos, videos, messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

It is difficult to refuse a call, an SMS or a friend to play on our phone. However, it is also ugly to have to talk to him about what he can and cannot see.

Keep your mobile phone in one application

fix your Android screen Android with fixed screen

If you have a device with the operating system «Lollipop» Android 5 and beyond, you should know that you have a stylish option to protect yourself from those curious who ask you to borrow your mobile phone.

Android fixed screen settings 1 Android fixed screen settings 2 Android 3 settings screen setting

Android fixed screen settings 5

It’s about option Pin screen, which should normally be found in your Android phone’s settings, the «Security» option. Basically, what it does is restrict the use of the device to a single screen. If a friend asks for a call, you can just use the screen to dial phone numbers, blocking access to other screens or applications on your device. In the same way, if you ask the phone to play a certain game.

Before you can use this feature, you need to set up a lock screen on Android (Setup> Security> Screen lock) with a pattern, PIN, or password (don’t use the Drag option). Then you need to enable the Screen Pinning option in Settings> Security> Screen Pinning.

Finally, you need to open the app or screen you want to set or restrict, press the square button at the bottom of the navigation bar (the one that displays recent apps), locate the phone screen, and press the button with a dash figure.

Android 5 anti-curious screen lanyard fixing option Android 5 anti curious start option

On some devices (such as my Motorola) at that time you will be asked to confirm the action and also indicate that the mobile phone requires the lock screen model, PIN or password, if the curious person wishes. to leave this Fix Screen mode (which is done by holding down the multitasking button or the back button for a few seconds, depending on the mobile phone). In the case of Huawei, this is configured when activating the fixed screen, as seen in the first images.


This screen lock mode is only useful when you are going to lend your mobile phone to someone. If you are afraid that other people will listen to your phone when we leave it there, the most drastic alternative is to install an application blocker.

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