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How to know which programs or applications consume the most RAM on my computer

How to know which programs or applications consume the most RAM on my computer

Efficiency and effectiveness are terms we use in common parlance, but beyond their widespread use, they are an undeniable desire as well as a necessity when it comes to technology. For this, there is RAM, which provides an excellent background so that the applications and internal functions of the devices they can accomplish their tasks quickly.

It turns out that, higher RAM, it will have a higher operating speedTherefore, we are looking to use all the RAM that can be used in Windows or to find the need to stop applications that consume a lot of RAM on mobile phones. With the idea of ​​being able to improve the overall performance of the devices. We will address the special issue of RAM on your computer.

To improve your computer’s performance, you need to focus heavily on RAM and not just on releasing and optimizing RAM, you also need to know, which programs or applications consume the most RAM on my computer. And the learning process, we will explain it in detail and in a simple way.

details about PC applications

Process to review programs or applications that consume more RAM

All programs and applications will consume RAM because it depends a lot on its operation, however it is true that there are some programs and applications that will consume more RAM What others. Their identification is simple and we will show you.

For this we will use internal monitoring tools offered by the same PC. The first thing will be to go to the bottom of the computer screen, being of course from the desktop, so that there are no distractions. There we will make a suitable clip.

When you do this, a dialog box is displayed, in which we will look for an option entitled «open Task Manager”. In it we can review and know which programs or applications consume more RAM on your computer.

To do this, we need to click on the Processes side. A whole series of information will be displayed there, organized as a list. This will be memory-consuming processes and applications and running.

Click the marked space «memory«In it you will see how the information we are looking for is sorted in a more detailed and specified way, ie to know which applications or programs consume more RAM.

Sketch and RAM operation

I am the so-called random access memory, which in English is known as «Memory with random access”. When we hear the word memory, we have the preconception that it is an entity in which information is stored and will be there forever, unless it is decided to delete or purge the memory or its contents. But in the case of RAM, this concept is flawed.

ram details

RAMs are elements in which the information being processed is momentary, ie it will be limited and conditioned by the moment when the equipment is used when it is switched on, once it is switched off, the information stored in the RAM memory will be released, ie it will be deleted. Therefore, the storage provided by RAM is temporary.

All this can be very confusing and ambiguous at first glance, but we will put it in a simple example so that everyone can understand it. We know that in order to have a program or application inside your computer, worth a place for storage, and the computer already owns it.

But programs and applications cannot be run in the same place where they are stored, for this they need a place to run their processes and from here comes the help of a memory, ie RAM, which provides storage or space for temporary use.

So programs and applications respect their information exchange processes, which I cannot do from the space in which they are stored.