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How to know the location of a page or website or domain with domain tools – domain tools

How to know the location of a page or website or domain with domain tools - domain tools

Many people who surf the internet sometimes do this in search of domain data on the net to buy it and thus set up and go away with an adventure. The fact of buying or create a page or website or domain It is one of the ways to reach high positions in the world of entrepreneurs.

To start talking about this topic, it is interesting to first know what a page or website and domain are in order to understand their difference in the networking world. On the one hand, a web page is a set of information that contains photos, text, videos, etc .; and the simplicity of web pages is easy to create without paying.

On the other hand, one area It is identification given to a website or webpage, being what goes after «www» or after an «@». The purpose of a domain is to translate the IP address of each page so that it is easy to find with a keyword and not with numbers.

Of course, because we find everything we’re looking for on the internet, it’s easy to find websites that can quickly find these domains, such as the Domain Tools page.

What is the Domain Tool?

As its name suggests, it is a page full of tools that allow you to know details such as the SEO score of a domain or its relevance on the web. In addition, it allows us to monitor all the data of a domain and even know our own IP address, thus being a unique tool that provides the service.

How do you know the location of a page, website, or domain using Domain Tools?

To know these details, the process we have to follow is completely simple if we are used to browsing the internet interface. As a first step, enter the browser you normally use and place the Domain Tools official website in the search engine, then select it.

Once you are on the main page of the screen, the first thing you will see will be a search engine Who is, where you can place the domain you are looking for. Automatically, a new tab will show all the relevant data that you would be interested to know, if you search buy a domain.

domain tools home page

Among all these details is the registrant, although, in general, it is a detail that is not exposed for reasons of confidentiality of this character. It also provides specific details about the date of creation and even how old it is, its IP address, location and history.

In the same way, Domain tools this page allows you to create an account and be a member of the community, and thus get better results and details about a domain. This will allow you to maintain a good connection with all network metrics and even get to know and guide them to fraud investigations that are conducted online.

Now, if your case is the one you want acquire a domain for a page or a website, you have to keep in mind that this costs money; but you have to know how to buy them. Therefore, below, we will briefly explain the points to consider when buying and what is the normal cost of a domain for your website.

What do you need to know before buying a domain and how much do they cost?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is an important point you need to conduct an investigation, to find out which is a good keyword that is attractive to the user. As a recommendation for this, it is best not to be strange or extravagant words, the idea is that it is simple and easy to remember, so you can have influence.

different internet domains

Besides this, a 100% recommended domain and if it is possible to use it is .comBeing the most popular it has the greatest influence among users. It is also important to keep in mind that in order not to have legal or plagiarism issues, it is best to check the trademarks first.

The prices of these areas vary depending on whether they are the most popular, such as .es, .com, .org, costing approximately 14.95 euros. Although there are some areas that, because they are new or territorial, vary in price and can cost up to 99.95 euros about.