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How to know if your mobile is punctured or broken

How to know if your mobile is punctured or broken

Considering the number of hours we use our smartphones you know if your phone is punctured is the first question you should ask yourself if you want to keep your privacy.

Warn if you have one perforated mobile It’s a fundamental question for your intimate life, as well as for your finances, and not because we believe in conspiracy theories, but because there are times when you can’t deny that something is wrong with your cell phone.

From mobile location to remote listening it is possible if they access the terminal.

If you’re wondering how to know if you have a perforated phone, there are some clues that will lead you to the answer. Although these are indications that may be due to many factors and need solid evidence, they will confirm if you have reason to suspect.

If you got this far, why don’t you do it hacker invade your privacy, keep reading.

Who can spy on or interfere with your mobile phone?

It may seem that touching a cell phone is a sophisticated job for which only people are prepared. hacker more experienced, but with the current means it is available to all.

And while it’s not something you can do without a minimum of computer knowledge, there are applications and tools that can be used without being an expert.

Some of these applications are Mspy, Spyer and Spyzie, or software such as FlexiSpy, which a third party with access to our terminal or which we may install due to carelessness, for example, by clicking on a malicious link.

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These applications may compromise our privacy by tracking the websites we visit, collecting the SMS messages we send, or activating our mobile phone camera and microphone without our permission.

Potential spies can be government, who wants to know more about us for political reasons, because of our work, a close friend or family member or some other reason; or hacker, with mobile phones harder to guess and moving in the dark world of The abysmal Internet.

However, and although it is still important to know if you have a perforated phone, Nowadays mobile phones are hard to sting. Instead, signal tracking it has become the most popular method and there is no way to detect it.

Everything you need follow a cell phone signal is a software that interrupts A5 / 1 encryption used in current GSM telecommunications and can only be countered with a encryption software, which is not available for everyone’s pocket.

In any case, don’t forget to gather enough information so as not to make mistakes in diagnosis and possible solutions, as many of the errors can be caused by daily use.

Symptoms of a perforated telephone

How do I know if my cell phone is punctured? What are the clues? When should we start suspecting that someone is spying on us?

There are a number of factors, details and circumstances that can give us clues how to know if the mobile is perforated.

Consume more data

If you notice that your data consumption has reached a peak that you can’t explain, your mobile phone could be compromised: malware and malicious applications require mobile data to send the information they have collected with codes.

It takes a long time to start and stop

Someone may remotely control your device if trying to turn it on and off takes longer than normal. This can give you time install some updates when enabled or before stopping it.

Another bad sign is that the phone shuts down without you giving the command.

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Another reason to turn on alarms is that your cell phone is sending or receiving text messages with random strings of numbers and letters, unknown symbols and codes.

Along with increasing data usage, this could be evidence that your phone has been hacked.

Your phone is overheating

If your device overheats even when you are not using it, it may be due to malicious software.

You suspect there is a spyware if you have not installed any applications or updated your operating system in the past immediately and yet applications open without your request, unknown icons appear in the menu, or SMS are deleted without your request.

how to know if your phone is hacked

You hear strange sounds

You may have parental control or spyware on your mobile phone if, when not in use, it emits sounds that do not match your regular notifications.

You may also suspect that something is wrong if, while on call, you hear beeps or echoes which you cannot attribute to coverage failures.

New applications on your desk

When a malware has been installed on your device you can expect to find some application unknown among your downloads or that contacts you don’t remember registering with appear in your calendar or in your application chats

Your cell phone is slowing down

When a malware enters a phone does not stop working, which causes the processor to process more information and run slower.

The battery lasts less than usual

If suddenly the battery runs less than before and you are sure that it, the charger and the adapter are in good condition, you may be the victim of malicious software running in the background.

Other related indications are the spontaneous activation of 4G and GPS, the automatic start and stop and the accidental installation of applications.

Although the decrease in battery life may be caused by a technical malfunction, these other symptoms are enough to suspect that the software often runs in the background and that someone has accessed and controlled your phone.

Now that you know all the symptoms that your computer may have, how to know if you have a perforated cell phone it’s not that complicated.

However, before reaching a conclusion, do not forget to have all the evidence, because failures could be presented by other factors.

* # 62 # to know if the phone is touched

Although we will never be absolutely sure that we are being spied on, there are very simple ways to do this to know if you have a touched phone, if espionage is not very elaborate.

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Marking * # 62 # to know if your cell phone is he intervened you’ll see the number to which your browsing history, calls, and text messages are redirected. If it’s not a number that belongs to your telemarketer, you have good reason to fear that someone will break your equipment.

It is said that even through these figures it is possible to see the IMEI of our mobile phone, which is useful to check if we are being tracked. According to this theory, 00 after IMEI indicates that someone is listening to our calls, and 000 in the same position is enough to know that your mobile phone has been touched.

However, the theory is that you may know if your phone is punctured or crashed It is not entirely credible, as these additional numbers would not allow access to the mobile network, as each terminal has an unchanged IMEI, with the risk that the device will no longer work.

What should I do if I have a perforated phone?

First of all, it is important to prevent this. Some of the steps you can take to avoid thinking about whether your cell phone is punctured or damaged are:

  • Take one quality antivirus on your cell phone, so no hackeror government trying to spy on you installs malware
  • To do a Reserve all contacts in your email and upload your personal content and documents to the cloud or store them on an SD card
  • After, format the terminal or reset it to factory settings to disable any installed programs or threats
  • Although not everyone can afford this measure, share your contacts between two different cell phones reduces the risk of computer attacks, in one you can have the most important and most important conversations
  • Always keep your mobile phone in front of your eyes. If you leave your mobile phone lying anywhere, you may put it in the hands of a cyber hacker

If you have identified the symptoms and concluded that you have a perforated phone, you need to restore the factory settings and the system or change the device, for which you will need to make a Reserve with all your information.

A file manager will help you transfer data to your computer. You can track your mobile phone by imei in case it has disappeared.

It is essential to stay calm and not believe that everything that happens to your mobile phone is an intervention. Mobile phones, as you can see, consume a lot of data if you spend too much time on social networks and can get hot due to the ambient temperature, so these criteria are not entirely decisive.