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How to know if a photo comes from the Internet quickly and easily

saber si una foto es sacada de internet

Find out if a photo is on the Internet It is a question that many users often ask themselves when surfing the net and is that on many occasions some people show us beautiful images that are attributed on their own merits, without being made by them, but from where do you know if I’m lying? Well, in this TutoWin10 article we will teach you the steps you need to follow find out if a photo comes from the internet or not so as not to deceive you and all thanks Google image search reverse.

What is Google’s reverse image search and what is it for?

It is a little known function of the search engine that allows us to use it an image example for a comprehensive search of it. In this way we can obtain information about its content through color, metadata and texture. This is very useful because this way we will know which web pages use the same photo making it an ideal technique for to know if a photo is taken from the Internet.

What’s the benefit of using Google Image Search in reverse?

Searching for images in Google is very useful because it allows the user to:

  • Find out if a photo is downloaded from the Internet.
  • Find out which part of the network the photo appeared on.
  • The initial date when that image started appearing on the Internet.
  • It’s very useful for authors because it lets them know if they’re uploading your copyrighted images to other websites without your permission.
  • Discover the author of an image.
  • See if there are any changes in your photos.

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How to know if a photo is from the Internet or real step by step 2021

The first thing we should do is introduce the official Google image search tool:

Once inside we will have to select icon to the left of the microphone (the one with the camera).

On this screen we will have the following options:

  1. Paste the URL of an image (if the photo was sent to us via a link).
  2. We will can upload an image to search.

For example, I will upload a photo I just took to the house of a plant in my yard (so it is not uploaded to the internet), so I will select a file.

  1. select image to search.
  2. Let’s go to «Open».


We are waiting for a few moments and we will have the following information:

  1. It will appear above the name of the image I just uploaded and we want to search the net.
  2. Being original, the first thing we are told is that «This image was not found in other dimensions»also in the search results we can see that lthe same image is not uploaded on any web page, so it is 100% original (since I just did it in the backyard of my house).

find out if a photo is original.

How do I know if a photo is taken from the internet fast and easy 2021

Now we will do a second test in which I will use a photo previously downloaded from the Internet of a «German Shepherd» dog breed. So, we follow the same steps above:

upload an image.

And here’s what happens:

  1. Above we will see again the name of the photo we are looking for, except that we can now search by size (small, medium or large). This indicates that the image has already been uploaded to the Internet and what we could locate it in different sizes.
  2. We can also see all the websites that use the same image, so that it is blatantly taken from the Internet.

how to know if a photo is on the internet

And so it was, I hope I helped you solve your question, if you still have, you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer as soon as possible. I also remind you that you can share this article with your social networks .. this helps me grow further .. Thank you very much!