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How to keep children of all ages safe during swimming lessons

How to keep children of all ages safe during swimming lessons

Most children are ready for development for swimming lessons when they are about 4 years old. Prior to this, children under the age of four did not have the developmental skills needed to coordinate swimming movements that were essential to their safety and survival.

Whether you decide to wait until your child turns four or start earlier, it is important to recognize when he or she is ready for swimming lessons. If you try to bring them into the water before they are ready, it could become a frustrating experience for you and your child, especially if they are trying to learn a new skill that is still beyond their developmental abilities.

If your child shows no signs of being ready for swimming lessons, you may benefit from taking a few supervised water safety classes as you develop your water skills.

Young children and preschoolers (aged 1 to 4) can benefit from parent-child water survival and aquatic skills training courses that focus on water fitness, safety and swimming skills.

A 2009 study found that water safety skills classes for young children can also help reduce the risk of drowning. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) agrees and recommends these lessons to children under the age of four. However, the GPA does not recommend swimming lessons for babies under 1 year of age because they have not developed the necessary breathing skills and there is no evidence to suggest that swimming lessons for babies can reduce the risk of drowning. However, AAP recommends parent-child «water play» courses for babies to help them get used to water. .

Swimming lessons are never a substitute for direct supervision, as long as your young child is in or near the water, even in the tub.

Swimming lessons for babies

In order to BOYS (6 months and over), young children and preschoolers, find a water program for babies that follows the instructions the guidelines of American Red Cross and YMCA .

These are the most important parameters to consider when looking for:

  • Instructors must have a first aid / resuscitation certificate
  • Parents must be in the pool with their children (and there must be no more than 10 children per instructor)
  • Children should not be forced or encouraged to put their head under water if they are reluctant to do so.

It is also useful if swimming instructors have experience working with young children, because they will understand what is appropriate in terms of development and what is not.

You will also want to see the pool facilities. Make sure the water is not too hot or cold and that it is kept clean.

It can also be helpful to observe a class. Does it seem like students are having fun? Do you sing and sing songs? Are they allowed to play with toys? Is the instructor encouraging and enthusiastic (and not upset when small children act like small children)?

If you are happy with what you see, try a class. If your little one doesn’t like it, take a break for a few weeks (or even months) before trying again.

It can be a challenge if your child is afraid of the pool, but water safety is a very important skill to learn.

Swimming lessons for children

When enrolling older children in swimming lessons, look for certified safety instructors and a progressive program that allows them to advance at each level as they master new skills.

Again, it can help you notice a class first. How does the instructor cope with children who are nervous or misbehaving? Are the children constantly active or do they spend a lot of time in class sitting on the sidelines, waiting their turn?

You want to see a good mix of instructions and games that children seem to enjoy and respond to. Most importantly, the instructor should always pay close attention to ensure Safety of all .

Learning to swim will help keep your baby safe in the water, but it is also a great exercise and a sport for life . together club or team swimming can provide an individual and team sports experienceoffers a number of social and health benefits.