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How to install Windows 11 in Spanish easily and quickly

poner win 11 en español.

put win 11 in Spanish.

If you came across this TutoWin10 tutorial it is because you recently installed Windows 11 on your computer and noticed that is in English and you want to know how put it in Spanish. Don’t worry, it’s a very simple process that will only take a few seconds of your time, you just have to follow the steps we indicate throughout this post where we will show you how put Windows 11 in Spanish in 2021. To facilitate understanding, I decomposed the steps to follow with photos and even made a video of the process made with love 😀.

Windows 11 is in English How do I put it in Spanish? 2021

Add Spanish as the language in Windows 11 It’s pretty much the same method we follow in Win 10. The first thing we need to do is enter the system configuration using the following keyboard shortcut.

Once we have the configuration open, we will need to place the cursor in the search bar and type the following «Language» (without quotes).

change the language of Windows 11 to Spanish.

This will take us to a window where we will have many options, well we have to select the one at the top that says «Language settings».

ISO from Windows 11 in Spanish.

How to add Spanish as a language in Windows 11 quickly and easily 2021

Select the section that says «Add language».

download Windows 11 in Spanish.

How to install Windows 11 in Spanish, step by step 2021

On the next screen we will see a very extensive list of all Languages ​​available for Windows 11 in which we will select «Spanish (Spain)» if we live in (Spain) or even though we are from another Latin country because we selected dialect of Castilian with which we identify best.

Windows 11 Spanish language.

On the next screen we will move on to install the Spanish language pack in Windows 11, so we need to check the following boxes:

  1. Install the language pack, Set as my Windows display language, Text-to-Speech, Speech recognition, Handwriting.
  2. Eventually we will give «Installation».

set Spanish as Windows 11.

For put spanish as the language in windows 11 we need to restart the computer for the changes to be applied correctly.

If you have any questions, you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer you as soon as possible. Remember that it would help me a lot to share this article with your friends and family through social media. Thank you for everything!