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How to install and watch HBO on a smart TV

How to install and watch HBO on a smart TV

Install and watch HBO on a smart TV It’s a way to enjoy some of the best releases in the hit series and movies of the moment. One of the reasons why more and more users decide to hire this service is because of the ability to enjoy the most requested content directly from a smart TV with HD screen quality. If you have a TV with these features and want to know how to install and watch HBO, don’t miss the following tutorial

Step by step to enjoy HBO content directly from your Smart TV

To enjoy the best HBO content live on your Smart TV, you need to follow the steps below:

  • First, you need to download the official HBO app from your country. In general, in models of Samsung TVs, since 2012, the application is already pre-installed. However, you can access the app store at any time to download it for free
  • Now you just need to enter your user codes to be able to access all HBO content. If you haven’t registered yet, you should know that you can enjoy a free month and then you will need to subscribe to a monthly subscription to access your TV.

Other ways to access HBO from Smart TV

There are other ways to watch HBO on Smart TV.

Access to HBO from PlayStation

If you have a console PlayStation 3 and 4 you can access the official HBO app and access the TV and video option there. A screen with various television platforms will appear. All you have to do is go to the HBO icon and go to the official app where you’ll be asked for your login information.

Access HBO from Apple TV

If you are a user of Apple tv You’ll also have access to all HBO content. You won’t find the app directly pre-installed, just download it from the app store and, as you did during the procedure on your Smart TV, access it with your credentials.

Access HBO from Vodafone TV

Users who have contracted Vodafone TV for Smart TV have access to the application, already pre-installed from HBO. To do this, you need to access the decoder menu and select More applications> Video on demand. Then you’ll locate the HBO app. Log in with your data to see all content.

Can I access HBO content if I don’t have a Smart TV?

You may be interested HBO content but you don’t have a Smart TV to watch them. In this case, there is a possibility to see the content connecting a laptop to a TV, using a HDMI cable.

With this cable you can access HBO from a computer, viewing the contents of the screen directly from the TV, without this being an essential condition for it to be a Smart TV.

To make this connection, you simply need to connect the HDMI cable to the appropriate ports on your computer and TV. Change the input source on the TV screen with the remote control, and you can automatically display the computer screen on the TV.

content platforms from series and movies What the HBO or Netflix have become widely popularized. The ability to view the best complete series of the moment and with excellent image quality is something that lovers of this type of content greatly appreciate.

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HBO Spain has over 100 series and 500 movies available

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