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How to install and configure a Coban GPS Tracker TK103 locator | Manual GPS Tracker

How to install and configure a Coban GPS Tracker TK103 locator |  Manual GPS Tracker

Today there are many methods with GPS to help us recover our stolen devices, but today we will talk specifically about Coban Tracker tk103 locators, both information and what is it? Even how to install and configure it? It’s not that complicated, you just have to do it pay little attention in each of the steps.

What is GPS TRACKER TK103?

This is a portable system satellite positioning, which does not allow to have different functions of security, positioning, surveillance control, emergency alarms and a complete monitoring of them.

This new product is really small and compact, which makes it really easy to use and handle. Basically for care and car tracking, which is ideal if you have a post title at Amazon flex.

some GPS Tracker accessories and cables 103

In addition, in this product there is compatibility with the options of SMS / gprs / internet data transmission, so that the pursuits made are truly correct.

Steps to install it in your vehicle

To be able to install or connect this equipment in any machine, you need to follow the steps below to the letter.

Installations in your car’s electrical system.

Yes, as stated in the title, in order to use this equipment it is necessary that it is connected to the electrical network of the car and to achieve this you must do the following:

  1. The first thing you should do is insert the harness wiring with each of the correctly assigned connections.
  2. Now the cable that has a red color must be connected to the motor allocation, and the yellow cable must be connected to the other end that was completely alone.
  3. In this way, the supply flow of the car fuel pump has already been identified. There are some red and black cables in the harness, these are the cables dedicated to powering the car.
  4. This red wire must be connected directly to the positive of your carWhile the black wire must be connected directly to the negative wire of the machine.
  5. On the other hand, dedicated cables SOS button or panic button, must be installed directly on the equipment.
  6. Now you need to connect the blue cable to have a negative door opening connection, while the green cable is for a positive door opening connection.
  7. This way, when you open any car door, the alarm siren will be activated.
  8. Now the white wire must be connected to that of the Switch, while the orange wire must be connected to the positive of the siren.

Installing the SIM card

When you purchase a SIM card for these cases, you need to make sure that it can view the calls and also that they do not have a PIN code. Now the SMS must be in TXT format, because, unfortunately, it cannot recognize the PDUs.

Now you just have to press the button to remove the tray and insert the SIM card in it, once you are done, you just have to press it carefully to place it.

Power cable

You need to connect the 12 Vts or 24 Vts red and black wires to the machine’s power system. Then enough with turn on the equipment in the on / off switch. If a red LED lights up, it will flash and then remain lit.

GPS activation

You need to send the message «start + password» to the unit and it will give you the answer «start well». In this way, all device configurations are enabled. The password that usually appears by default on these computers is 123456

locate the location on your smartphone

For example, you need to send the SMS as follows “begin123456”, because you will see that the plus sign is not included and you do not need to include quotation marks.

To change this password you need to send «password + old password + space + new password», a clear example of this would be «password123456 666666» and in response to this message you will receive the «password ok» indicated, everything went well . If you have another question, you can visit the official manual.