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How to insert an image in an Excel comment From your mobile phone or PC As you already know, Excel is an essential program in …

How to insert an image in an Excel comment From your mobile phone or PC As you already know, Excel is an essential program in ...

As we already know, Excel is an essential program in our lives because it is the platform par excellence to achieve a wide variety of useful tasks for workers and students. Which provides an excellent function for performing calculations in an orderly manner and advanced graphics.

In addition, we can add a lot of Tools for indicate important data. Therefore, we need to know how to insert images with different comments in the tables. Next we will mention how to do it easily from any device.

How to copy and paste an image into an Excel comment?

In this platform we can insert different options to indicate striking information. Because we can also introduce emoticons paste pictures with specific comments for each Excel table. This process can be done both on the computer and on the phone.

From your cell phone

To start this process, it is best to change the language of the platform, to understand it more easily. Now just open the spreadsheet where you want to insert the image. To do this you must have the application Excel spreadsheets installed on your mobile phone. Press the «+» button to select «Image». Position the exact spot where you want to place the image. Then select where you want to make the image and then add it.

On the computer

The first thing we will do is select the cell where we want to add the comment. When we notice the comment, we position ourselves on the edge of the comment and press the right mouse button. When you do this, several options will appear, select the one that says «Comment format‘.

add an image to comment excel

When you do this, a new window will open in which we will click the «Colors and lines» box, when you access this section we will position ourselves in the «Fill» section and we display the «Color» button. In this area you will see different colors, but you will have to click on the last option «Filling effects».

Once pressed, a new tab will open in which we will have to click the «Image» box. In this area we will click on «Select image». Where you will access the files on your computer, where you can insert the desired image. When it is sectioned, a new window will appear called «filling effects‘here we will only click on’ Accept ‘in different open windows and voila, we will see our image in the comment.

If you want the image to retain the proportion of the comment, select the ‘Lock the aspect ratio of the image‘. Click OK in the fill effects window to select «OK» again in the Comment Format section.

How can you see the full image of an Excel comment?

If you see that the full image is not visible when you add it, it is necessary to change its size. To do this, tap the corners or edges to change the size of the comment and add it to your liking. You just need to drag it until it’s the way you want it most.

add an image to comment excel

As a tip, you can add some watermark in Excel images this way, the image will look much more original and you will show that they were made by you.

How can you customize your images in Excel step by step?

Excel will also allow us to edit our images the way we like best, to make it look attractive. Because it offers several options for doing so, to implement them you just have to click on the added image, so that a special ribbon opens in the upper area to edit the image called «Format».

In the first part of the table, select the «Brightness» option. This way, you will see a small menu with which you can select any type and change them until you have the one that best fits the image.

For give it another shape For the image, all you have to do is position yourself in the style of the image in which the «Shape» icon is located, select the arrow to display the different options. Select one of them so that the image is shaped to the chosen shape.

Also, to add relevant effects, we need to click on «Image Effects» when we do this, a list of many options to select will appear. You can add lighting so that the image is blurred at the edges or at that of the Bevel, so as to have a remarkable effect.

In the top ribbon of image options you can apply many effects or details that change their appearance. Just go experiment in each of them until get a unique result.