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How to have the «universal clipboard» of iPhone / iPad / Mac on Android and Windows

Cómo tener el «portapapeles universal» de iPhone/iPad/Mac en Android y Windows

When I work on my computer, I often come across an address or phone number that I need to save on my mobile phone or tablet. The conventional thing here would be to manually write this data on your mobile, but fortunately there are tools that allow you to easily transfer text from one device to another. This is Manzanita call «Universal clipboard»And allows you to copy text to iPhone and paste it in Mac, or copy it from a file iPad and paste it in iPhone, vice versa or between any of these devices. If you have an Android and run Windows, there is also universal clipboard software for these platforms.

copy Android universal clipboard windows android

Clipto is a program available for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android, which allows you to send text between all these devices or platforms, without having to write it from one to another. Once you sign in to all with the same Clipto account, when you copy text into one of them, it will normally be it will happen automatically the rest and you will have to use the conventional «Paste» option in any of them to have that text.

This tool has other options, such as the ability to convert clipboard text to notes to save on devices. This feature is one of the «runes» or add-ons that enhance the application. There are other runes that protect Clipto with a password, synchronize data with the cloud (files and text), change the subject, etc.

Clipto has clients for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. In the case of Android, you will obviously have to install its application. On your computer, you can choose to install the desktop client or, alternatively, what I liked, the Google Chrome add-on.

Text received on a Windows PC from an Android device

Text received on a Windows PC from an Android device

Text received on an Android from a PC

Text received on an Android from a PC

Although it is a discontinued application, it seems to still work. It’s basically the same as Clipto, the Android application is installed on mobile devices (it’s quite light, because its approximate size is 200 KB) and the Chrome extension on PCs. However, you must enter the same email account to connect, which may or may not be valid, so you do not need to use a personal account.

Until the last time I tested it, this app is not perfect: sometimes the app may stop working and not send text between devices. In this case, the solution is to disable and reactivate the Android application, or sometimes it may be necessary to rehabilitate the extension for Google Chrome. In any case, it’s a good option given the logical permissions it requires and the minimum battery consumption and acceptable RAM consumption it has (at least from what I’ve been able to experience).


Clipto and Clipbrd are exclusive applications for this task, as well as practically free, but not the only ones. There are other tools that you will love if you frequently alternate your computers and devices, thanks to its universal clipboard function, as well as other related functions. PushBullet and Join (Joaoapps) are two of the best tools for working between mobile phones and PCs, for managing SMS, notifications, files, etc. although they are paid. AirDroid is a good free option.

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