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How to get the Wi-Fi password on my mobile phone

How to get the Wi-Fi password on my mobile phone

One of the most important keys, but at the same time the most forgotten by everyone, is the router password. Of course, there are cases where you usually use that password a lot or set one that you remember easily, but in most cases complex keys are used so that they are not discovered.

Well, you may have your cell phone, computer, and laptop connected, but what if you want to add a new device to your wireless network?

We explain in detail how to get wifi password from the cell phone thatthat you are connected.

Why you need to recover your WiFi key

Before you start reading, it is important to consider a few important points for what these methods are. Some of the uses are:

  • If you are connected to a third party network and you do not have or do not remember the password
  • Recover your WiFi password to which you connected some time ago or are currently connected
  • If you forgot your WiFi password and don’t have any devices connected

The methods below are NOT for:

Once all this is explained, keep reading to see the methods to get the WiFi key on your mobile phone:

Check the router or manuals

The easiest way to get the WiFi password is check the router or the instruction manual that came with the purchase.

The default network password and name should be the ones you have, unless you’ve previously made a change. If so, don’t lose your mind, the other methods will help you find your password.

Access the router administration panel

If you have a router on hand and are connected to the router’s network, another simple technique is change your password or checking it from the admin panel.

see wifi password management panel

To do this, type in the browser, enter the user (default is admin) and password and you will access the router configuration. From inside you will be able to access the password area.

View your computer’s WiFi key [Estás conectado]

This is a simple but little known method. If you’re using Windows or Linux, you can check the password you entered earlier to connect to your WiFi network.

Remember, just this method works if you are connected to the network you want to know the password. Follow the steps to see the WiFi password:

Windows 7

  • Make sure you are connected to the network
  • Log into Start> Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center

how to get wifi key in windows 7

  • In the Active Networks area, click Type of access in the network where you want to verify the password
  • Click on Wireless properties
  • Now go to the Security tab and check the box Show characters
  • You may be asked for administrator permissions

Windows 8 and 10

  • Make sure you are connected to the network
  • visit Start> Windows Settings> Network and Internet

network and internet

  • Click on Change the adapter settings

network adapter options

  • Select the network you want to verify your password and open it
  • the press Wireless properties

configure the wireless properties

  • Go to the security tab and check the box Show characters

how to get wifi key from windows 10


  • Access the system terminal via Spotlight or Launchpad
  • Enter the command «security find-generic-password -wa name_of_the_network» by removing the quotation marks and changing the network_name to the query network name
  • Press the key enter
  • You will be asked for a username and password for your system, enter this data
  • The password will appear in the next line of code


  • Access the Linux terminal
  • Enter the following code «sudo cat / etc / NetworkManager / system-connections / network_name | grep psk = »without the quotation marks and changing the network name to the name of the network to be consulted
  • In the next line of code you will get the WiFi key

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View your computer’s WiFi key [No estás conectado]

A slightly advanced and very good technique to see the WiFi key is use the Windows console. We can see with a few commands both the networks you have connected to and their passwords.

This way, only by knowing the name of the network, you will be able to obtain its password. you don’t need to be logged in to the mentioned network.

Windows 7, 8 and 10

  • Go to start and search The symbol of the system in the search bar. Run the application

Windows console to see the wif key

  • Type the command »netsh wlan show profile» in the console without the quotes and press Enter

enter the code to see the Wi-Fi password on your mobile

  • You’ll get a list of all the connections you’ve ever connected to. Choose the network for which you need a password

get wifi key offline

  • Type the command «netsh wlan show profile name = name_of_the_network key = clear» by changing the name_of_the_network to the name of your network and placing the code again without the quotes

How to get the wifi password I am connected to

  • Press Enter in the information obtained by the console in the area Security settings check the information in the Key content field, as this is your WiFi key

See the WiFi key on your mobile

As a last resort, if the password is on your mobile phone, you can also try to recover it from it. To do this from Android, follow these steps:

how to get root wifi keys

Now that you know how to get the wifi key on your mobile phone What are you waiting for to do?