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How to get headaches in Team Fortress 2

How to get headaches in Team Fortress 2

Many games have mockery that allows your character to do something funny and offensive. Although they are often simply for fun and display, Team Fortress 2 (TF2) taunts are sometimes much more than that. Some of them can kill, heal or improve.

If you want to learn more about teasing and how to get it, you are in the right place. In this article, we will guide you on how to purchase them. We’ll also give you a link to a list of taunts.

How to make fun of Team Fortress 2?

According to the TF2 blog, the mockery is «animations specific to the characters that you can activate in the game to announce that you have just shot someone or would like to be shot alone». The humorous nature of TF2 lends itself to cold and creative teasing. However, what else can I do in the game?

You usually tease him when you kill an enemy or even if you just feel like you don’t respect your opponents. In TF2, your mockery also has a practical side. Aside from having fun, the most valuable can be your enemy’s worst nightmare.

Before we get into some of the weirdest and funniest teasing, let’s talk about teasing first. These are the main ways to be teased in TF2:

1. Achievements

There is only one mockery you can get from the Achievement system: the mockery of the director’s vision. You receive it when you edit a replay in TF2. The name of the realization is Star of My Own Show.

2. Buy teasing

Buying mockery at the Mann Co. store it is an option, although many in the community find it too expensive. Community-designed items are sold in the Mann Co. store, and the creators receive some of the proceeds. Initially, the items purchased from this store were not tradable.

However, since the anniversary update and sale, these items are now marketable, provided they have been in the buyer’s inventory for more than seven days. Your account must also have purchased something in the last 30 days.

You can get cheaper teasing from other websites and you can trade with players, but we’ll get to that later.

3. Commercial teasing

You can exchange taunts with other players. Trading TF2 items requires the use of Steam, and trading is done through the launcher interface. You can initially change eight items, divided into rows of four spaces

However, Premium account holders who want to trade more than that will see additional rows of four, allowing them to trade more items. The more items you drag, the more rows appear, for a total of 256 spaces. If you manage to score good prey, you will shoot and throw a lot.

Therefore, trading up to 256 items at a time requires a Premium account. Non-premium accounts will receive only eight spaces to work.

Taunt trading is done by dragging and dropping the agreed items when the Steam window appears.

4. The item decreases

From time to time, you may be mocked as a rare object. They are very rare and you should not trust them. If you are lucky, you can always tell your friends.

Drops of items happen when you play for a certain amount of time. You will receive the item in your backpack and an alert will appear on the screen. There is a limit to the number of items you can get this way per week.

After the end of the week, it will restart. You can simply play to get more items.

5. Lottery

Some streamers and content creators may feel generous and make some teasing. Maybe you can try your luck and win.

The best way to be teased is to shop on community websites. Mann Co. Store is the second best option. The other methods are not very reliable and should not be your main way but to get Director’s Cut.

How to create mockery in Team Fortress 2?

In the Mann Co. store, mockery is listed as «Creatable,» but you can’t actually make a mockery. The label is there to indicate that the games are ingredients for other objects that can be created. Many players were confused by this label and looked for ways to create.

Unfortunately, there will soon be no ways to tease you. The Taunt Workshop has already begun implementing community-created challenges in 2015. According to the blog post, these challenges will be sold in the Mann Co. store.

However, there is a way to fix the problem. You can use an unusual one for a mockery you have. If you do this, you will get an unusually random effect on the game, changing it as well.

An unusual mockery will have the same original animations, but new special effects will also appear. For example, lightning can accompany a dance mockery. There are many generations of unusual effects of mockery.

However, please note that these are not artisanal teasing. Using an unusual one is a change. You can check the list of unusual effects Here .

How to equip mockery in Team Fortress 2?

Taunts are usually tied to the «Q» button. Pressing «Q» will display a small menu with the various taunts you have equipped. If you press «Q» twice, it will mock the weapon if the weapon has one. Some weapons also have special taunts.

Here are the steps to equip mockery in TF2:

  1. Launch Team Fortress 2.

  2. From the main menu, select «Items» in the Custom section.

  3. Select any class you want to equip.

  4. By default, it will start from the equipment tab. Select the movie reel icon at the bottom.

  5. Now that you are in the mock menu, you can select any space.

  6. After selecting a slot, choose the game you want to equip and repeat if you want.

These taunts can be used in the game as long as you are on the ground. You can’t beat your game when you’re underwater or in the air. Any damage and blows received will cancel out the harassment and you will have to fight.

How is mockery used in Team Fortress 2?

When you have finished killing an enemy, press «Q» and select the mockery you want to use. Your opponent will be stuck staring at you from a third person angle for a few seconds, until he reappears, so he can’t lose. Use the mouse to move to the desired game or to an analog stick for controllers.

I mentioned mockery that can kill. These are called mockery of death and can kill everyone except the healed enemies most of the time. Every mockery of death is different, but their configuration is similar on all levels.

This is how you kill with mockery:

  1. Select a target to kill with mockery.
  2. Move towards the target, preferably without them noticing.

  3. Make arrangements for your mockery, such as exposing yourself.

  4. Mocking.

  5. Watch your class interpreting teasing.
  6. Laugh and run, if it doesn’t kill you (it’s worth it!).

Some teasing takes a long time to prepare. Because of this, you need to know the time. If you miss or swing too soon, you’ll end up looking silly instead of humiliating your opponent.

Death loves have different damage values, usually over 400 to cause a single blow. Hard with max Overheal can withstand almost all Killer Taunts.

However, there are a few exceptions. Spy Fencing’s Taurus kills three blows, regardless of HP: two blows deal 50 damage, and the third deals 500. Even a heavy Superhealth can’t completely withstand this and can destroy the Engineer’s buildings.

Pyro’s Armageddon outbursts and Execution kill only deal 400 damage, which won’t kill a Heavy with Max Overheal.

A particularly deadly death game is Heavy’s Showdown. With his right hand he forms a pistol with his finger that kills anyone in front of him. It can even go through small holes if the player has a good goal.

In some cases, the equipped weapon of the class can easily change the properties of the death challenge. Some weapons reduce damage, while others produce special results.

You can also use skill challenges, which do not directly affect enemies. They have a wide variety of effects; all positive.

For example, Heavy’s Nomming game will give you a variety of buffs and healings. The effect depends on the food you take out of the lunch box. Buffle Steak Sandvich (written this way) will make him use his own body weapon, but he will move 35% faster and suffer 25% more weapon damage for 15 seconds.

Using skill challenges requires good positioning and time, as enemies can cancel the animation. If you manage to activate the effects, it means that you have done well.

Where can I buy teasing on TF2?

You can buy mockery from the Mann Co. store. in the game, but this is much more expensive. Instead, the TF2 community has set up several websites that allow players to buy mockery at a much lower price. Please note that these websites are not affiliated with Valve, so continue at your own risk.

DMarket is a popular site that can be purchased from TF2 games. Prices are quite cheap, sometimes just a few dollars on teasing. You can select the best price and buy the game you want after registration.

An interesting feature of DMarket is that you can sign up with your Steam account. This makes the transfer of teasing much more convenient and safer. You can even buy items from other games like CS: GO and Rust.

ScrapTF is another popular site that you can get from cheap games. Unlike DMarket, it has auctions, raffles, transactions and much more. Maybe you will find here the right price for the desired teasing.

You need to connect to ScrapTF with Steam. The site is automated, although you can contact the support team if there are any issues. The site was originally only for TF2, but has since expanded to include more games. is another option for teasing. Some of the teasing gets more expensive, but you can find almost anything you want here. It also has some teasing, although it doesn’t seem to exist at the time of writing. However, this site allows for many payment methods. Maybe you prefer something like that.

Because these sites are managed by the community, Valve will not be liable if you are deceived or misled. You should only trade if you trust them. Always be careful when using such websites to buy and change TF2 games.

A complete list of all the taunts on TF2

Although we do not have a complete list of all TF2 challenges on a single page, we can direct you to the TF2 Wiki page. If you scroll down, there is a section called «Taunts by Class». Select the desired class and browse the lists.

Click here to open the file Wiki page and subsection .

Haha, I killed you with a mockery!

The bachelor of death is fun ways to kill the enemy, especially if you synchronize perfectly. Now that you know how to get and use them, you may be able to create a montage. Buy your games from third-party websites to save money.

Which joke is your favorite? Did you manage to get a mocking death? Tell us in the comments section.