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How to free up space on your mobile?


free up mobile space

Have you ever come across that fateful message on the screen that warns us that we run out of storage space on mobile?

Nobody likes to know him and the first thing we think about when we see that the situation is to delete and delete everything in the phone’s memory to regain some space. But what are the best ways to do it?

How to free up storage on Android

Mobile users with Android operating system have multitude of methods to free up space efficiently. However, you should not confuse the release of RAM space with the release of storage space, as these are two different concepts.

1. Clear the application cache

The first recommendation is to proceed to clear the remaining cache in applications. In other words, we remove all those annoying temporary files that remain on your computer without being used for anything other than space.

It’s a bit boring process, because we have to get into it. the settings menu and from there in the application manager, then accessing each application for which we want to clear the cache. But, at the same time, it is a compensating method because it gives us access to a lot of space that we did not have free until now.

It is recommended that we manage also the general mobile. We will do it from Settings, then Device and finally Storage. There we will see the option to clear the cache.

delete data Android applications

2. Restart the applications (or uninstall them)

If, on the other hand, we think that any of the applications we have installed has taken up a lot of memory, because it has a large number of linked files that we are no longer interested in, what we can do is restart the application.

For this, in the same menu as before, what we will do is choose the Delete data option. Yes indeed, take care!If there is something in that application that we do not want to delete, then everything will be deleted.

If you see that things are not improving much, another recommendation is direct uninstall those applications that you use the least. Another option is to move them to an external SD card, as we explain in this article:

3. Delete the accumulated downloads

As the weeks and months go by, we accumulate downloaded files on our mobile phone, which takes up considerable space in total.

Another option to free up internal memory is to access the Downloads folder on your mobile phone and delete all the files you no longer need.

delete Android downloads

4. Clean the accumulated photos and videos

Continuing along the lines of the previous point, it is very likely that you have accumulated photos and videos in your mobile phone’s memory, thanks to apps like Whatsapp.

It’s a good idea to review all of these files (especially videos that take up a lot of time) by accessing the appropriate WhatsApp folders in your Gallery..

If you don’t want to lose all these photos and videos before deleting them, you can always back to the cloud, to preserve them and be able to free your mobile space. For this, we especially recommend Google Photos.

delete WhatsApp pictures and videos

And if by mistake you have deleted an image that you do not need, we recommend the following article to recover it:

5. Delete the browsing data from the browser

We recommend, on the other hand, delete browsing data from the browser Chrome (in Settings, then Privacy and finally Delete data), and turn on data saving mode. This will make the media files we encounter take up less space. In this article you will see how to quickly delete your mobile history.

How to free memory on your iPhone

These are, in short, the most effective 5 tips to free your iPhone memory:

  1. The most basic stage of freeing up space in iOS involves go application by application deleting files and what they occupy on the mobile. To know how much each application takes up we will go Settings> General> Storage. It’s a bit difficult, but it’s a good way to know if there’s an application that makes our lives impossible. It is not necessary to delete all the applications that occupy the most, but to optimize them. In WhatsApp it is common to save all the multimedia content we receive, but this takes up a lot of extra space.
  2. The same thing we mentioned about the browser in the case of Android we will do in iOS, but in this case with Safari instead of Chrome. To do this, in the settings, search for the browser and click on delete history.
  3. You should too clear cache Of the device. It is not something that allows the device to be made directly, so we will need an application that specializes in it. There are good options in the App Store, such as PhoneClean, that do a convenient job.
  4. We won’t tell you to delete photos that you’re not interested in saving, because it’s very obvious, but what we recommend is that we disable HDR and Live Photos modes of the mobile camera. These modes consume much more storage space, so they are not so recommended if we think about memory optimization.
  5. On the other hand, let’s try iOS is always updated to the latest version, because the adjustments that are made in the Apple platform usually help in all ways and also benefit from saving space.

So far our list of recommendations to save space on your smartphone. We hope it was very helpful.