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How to fix the virus that creates shortcuts

How to fix the virus that creates shortcuts

shortcut virus It is a computer threat consisting of a worm and a trojan. It is one of the most common infections among Windows users and can cause many problems, as the virus is responsible for creating many shortcuts while hiding folders and icons. Is it possible to remove the virus from the shortcut? The answer is yes, and below you will see what are the most effective methods to achieve it.

What is a shortcut virus and how does it affect our computer?

shortcut virus It is characterized by attacking the computer, hiding folders and user icons and replacing them with shortcuts. The worst thing about this virus is that when the user clicks on one of these shortcuts, the infection is duplicated. This means that the infection increases and the user’s information is seriously endangered.

On the other hand, quick command virus infection, can be easily spread to other computers, for example by using file sharing or USB. If the USB is infected with the shortcut virus, when you install it on another computer, it will be infected automatically. Similarly, if a computer is infected, when you connect an external computer, it will be affected by the virus.

solution to remove the virus from the shortcut it is more complicated if the virus has spread and created many copies of it through shortcuts.

In any case, if you have been attacked by this virus, we will see the solutions to remove it, both on the USB memory and on the computer itself.

Step by step to remove the shortcut virus from a computer

If the shortcut virus has infected your USB, you should follow the steps below.

  • One of the most effective methods to remove the shortcut virus from our computer is to do it through the registry. To do this, you need to press the keys Win + R and writes regedit
  • locates HKEY_CURRENT_USER and press software > Microsoft > Windows> Current version > Run
  • With this option you will be able to locate those suspicious files and delete those created by the virus. In general, this virus begins to spread in computer startup applications.
  • Then you need to type Win + R and type msconfig. accept
  • When you start up, you need to uncheck all the options except the antivirus
  • Accept and restart your computer to remove the shortcut virus permanently

Step by step to remove the virus from the shortcut on a USB

If your computer has been attacked by the shortcut virus, you need to follow the steps below.

Remove the virus from the command prompt

  • In this method we will use the Windows command prompt. To access it, you have to press the Windows key and type the command prompt. Remember that you have to do it as an administrator
  • Then you need to type the command in the Execute dialog box CMD
  • Press Enter to open the black screen, which is the command prompt, and type the letter corresponding to the USB drive we connected to the computer. If this letter is the letter «F», we must write «F» and press «Enter»
  • In the next step you need to type the command shown below: attrib h: *. * / D / s -h -r -s
  • You will see how the hidden files on the USB memory appear. Now you can format the flash drive, remove the shortcuts and return them to their original state

External programs to remove the virus from the shortcut

Another option that can be very useful to remove the virus from the shortcut is to use external programs. Some of the ones you can use with a high percentage of effectiveness are the following.


One of the most effective programs for removing computerized viruses on USB sticks It is UsbFix.

  • First you need to download the file UsbFix software
  • Then restart your computer and insert the USB that contains the virus
  • You must click the Cleanup option to continue removing the virus
  • Restart the computer


Software Malwarebytes is another option that will help you clean your computer of unwanted viruses. To use it, just follow the simple steps below:

  • You must first disable the Windows protection system from System Properties> Advanced System Settings> System Protection
  • Restart the computer in Safe way pressing in time Windows startup process, F8 key.
  • Run the latest version of Malwarebytes and click Scan Now
  • When the scan is complete, objects that have been infected and need to be cleaned will appear on the screen. Quarantine the viruses found and click «Take action«

By following these simple steps you can remove the shortcut virus. It is very important to make sure that both your computer and USB drives are properly disinfected. This way we will avoid spreading to other computers. Don’t forget to protect your equipment with antivirus programs, it is necessary to avoid such problems.

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