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How to fix «err_connection_timed_out» error in Chrome

How to fix "err_connection_timed_out" error in Chrome

Error «err_connection_timed_out»This is one of the problems that occurs when the Google Chrome browser cannot find the access site. This error may occur as a result of an internet problem or may be a problem with Windows. In any case, there are a number of guidelines that can help us solve this problem. Don’t miss all the tips below.

Step by step to resolve the «err_connection_timed_out» error

Despite being one of the fastest browsers, Google Chrome is not without its problems. One of them is error «err_connection_timed_out» What happens when a website cannot be accessed. Because this error can occur for several different reasons: it could be because the page is full, because it is no longer available, or because blocking the IP address.

In any case, it is convenient to know different options in order to solve it. Below we will see the most common and effective.


Clear the DNS cache

Clear the DNS cache

One of the Ways to fix the error «err_connection_timed_out» in Chrome, consists in clearing the IP history. To do this, you must first have administrator permissions. The step by step you need to follow is as follows:

  • Go to start and optional Run, type «cmd»
  • Right click with the mouse and choose the option «Run as administrator«
  • You will see a black screen open. You are in what is known as the «Order Prompt». Write ipconfig / flushdns. This action will clear your entire IP history
  • All that’s left is to restart your computer and re-enter the web address that caused the error.


Configure the LAN correctly

Configure the LAN correctly

Another of Reasons that can cause «err_connection_timed_out» error, is a Incorrect Ethernet or Wi-Fi network configuration. To do this, you’ll need to follow the steps below to verify your configuration:

  • Go to Control Panel> Network and Internet> Internet Options
  • On the screen connection, we must select the option «LAN settings«. Disable all options and click OK.


Update your Windows network drivers

Update your Windows network drivers

network drivers, when not updated correctly, can cause many errors. One of them may be «err_connection_timed_out«. The step-by-step steps for updating Windows network drivers are as follows:

  • Go to Windows Device Manager and select: Network adapters. Choose the network adapter driver and right-click «Update Driver»
  • You will then have the option to look for a driver online Well check the driver update on your computer, doing it manually. In both cases, we will receive the latest update which can resolve many errors

4 Clear Chrome Browsing History

When we store a lot of information in Chrome, we tend to create a lot of unnecessary files, cookies, and other unnecessary information that can affect browser behavior. The best option is to clean browsing history.

  • To do this, we need to go to the three-point option in the upper right and click on History> Clear browsing data
  • Then you need to select from the moment you want to delete the browsing data you want to delete. Choose Always
  • Choose all the data types you want to select along with the check box. browsing history
  • Click on Delete the data


Check the Windows firewall

Check the Windows firewall

One of the possible causes of error err_connection_timed_out it can be Windows firewall security settings. To check its status, follow the steps below:

  • You must first access the Windows firewall from Start> Control Panel> Security System
  • Check that there is no block applied to your browser to prevent it from being blocked Surfing the internet
  • Also, check if it doesn’t exist software installed to filter the websites you visit. In this case, you will need to configure or uninstall it

As you will see, it is not a problem that has a complicated solution. It is common to find other errors, such as when browsing dns_probe_finished_no_internet error, for which there are many solutions. Keep investigating and applying all possible solutions so that these errors do not ruin your Internet experience.

Did you know …

The Chrome address bar serves not only as a search bar, but also as a computer, we just need to enter the operation we want to perform and the result will appear automatically quickly. Test it!

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