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How to fix dns_probe_finished_no_internet error

How to fix dns_probe_finished_no_internet error

Error «dns_probe_finished_no_internet»It is one of the most common that users can find when browsing. When this problem occurs, the cause may be an internet connection. However, it is an error that has different solutions. If you want to know how to make them happen, don’t miss the next tutorial.

Why is ‘dns_probe_finished_no_internet’?

Error «dns_probe_finished_no_internet»Generally occurs when there is a problem in DNS (Domain Name System – Domain Name System). This system takes care of converting IP addresses into domain names and vice versa.

However, due to various factors, the system may not perform this action. Then there is the error that prevents us from navigating. Next we will analyze the different ways we have to solve.


Clear your computer’s cache

Clear your computer's cache

One of the error fixing options dns_probe_finished_no_internet It is clear your computer’s cache.

computer cache It is where the information of the sites we have visited is stored. The reason it is saved is to speed up browsing when we return to these sites. This way, when you return to these pages, they will load faster.

  • To perform this process, you must start from Google Chrome, to the three-point menu icon.
  • Click to access the menu where you can select More tools> Clear browsing data
  • Then select Time Source
  • From now on, all cache on your computer will be completely erased


Network card problems

Network card problems

Red books These are one of the important parts of our computer, as they play a key role in connecting to the internet. If there is a problem with the network card, dns_probe_finished_no_internet error may occur.

To resolve this error, you simply need to access the command prompt as administrators. This process can be accomplished by accomplishment right-click> Run as administrator.

Then you need to enter the following commands:

  1. Ipconfig /flushdns
  2. reset netsh winsock

Restart the computer for the changes to take effect. Any errors with the network card should be resolved with this process.

Update the network card control

Another option is to upgrade your network card. Some operating system versions do not include automatic driver updates. This forces us to periodically analyze each of them.

  • To update the network card control, you need to access Windows Device Manager
  • When you locate the network adapter control, you must right-click to select «Update the driver«


Restart the computer and router

Restart the computer and router

Sometimes it is enough to restart both the computer and the router. What we achieve is that all internal processes are resumed. This can resolve connection issues and return the connection to work.

To do this, just turn off the computer and router for 5 minutes and turn them on again.


Configure DNS

Configure DNS

One of the most common causes of error dns_probe_finished_no_internet is usually in DNS. When this happens, we can use public DNS servers, such as:

  • Google: ( /
  • Norton ConnectSafe: and /

These servers are secure and guarantee that we can enjoy a good internet connection. To change the DNS for these servers, we need to follow these steps:

  • Access the file Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center
  • Now you have to go to the option «Change the adapter settings«. When we find our adapter, we have to right click and select the option property.
  • The next step is to select Internet Protocol version 4> Properties
  • A new window will appear in which we must select «Use the following DNS server addresses«. In this section we need to enter the IP address of a public DNS server
  • Accept to save the changes

Internet browsing has become a common practice for millions of users. And the thing is that the internet offers us many possibilities, for example we can buy clothes and even learn things for free. Fix the error dns_probe_finished_no_internet it’s not that complicated. In addition, it is an error that should not compromise the security of your computer. You do not have to worry if this message appears, following the options that you have read, you will be able to surf the internet without difficulty.

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