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How to fix a corrupt trash in Windows 10

How to fix a corrupt trash in Windows 10

  • Recycle Bin is a handy software tool that was part of the Windows operating system from the beginning and acts as a storage space for items that are waiting to be deleted.
  • Even a vital component of the system, such as the Recycle Bin, can run into problems and we will cover some of the main ways to fix them.
  • This item is just one of many in our dedicated Recycle Bin Troubleshooting Center, so feel free to explore further.
  • We have a dedicated Recycle Bin page, so check it out for more great articles.

Problems using the Windows 10 Recycle Bin? If you used to have a trouble-free Windows 10 platform, but now that you’re trying to access the Recycle Bin, you’re only getting the «corrupt» error, please follow the instructions below to troubleshoot your Windows system.

So if you want to fix the error Corrupt trash can Windows 10, The trash can is damaged. Do you want to empty the Recycle Bin on this unit? This step-by-step guide will be more than helpful.

Now, this issue can occur for various reasons, such as unexpected forced shutdown errors, DLL issues (learn how to fix any Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 DLL errors through a dedicated tutorial), incompatibility issues, and more .

However, the result is that you can’t access the Recycle Bin to delete your files or restore them if you accidentally deleted some files on your device.

As you probably already know, every Windows drive has a dedicated system folder called $ Recycle.bin . Of course, this folder is hidden, so you can’t see or access it unless you check the «Show» option in Folder options.

Now that the Recycle Bin is corrupted, $ Recycle.bin is damaged and you need to fix $ Recycle.bin to fix your problem. Doing the same is easy because you just need to run a command in the cmd window.

However, please see the steps below for the correct troubleshooting solution.

How to Repair Corrupt Windows 10 Recycle Bin

1. Clean the recycling bin at the order prompt

  1. Go to the Start screen, right-click the Start button and select «Run cmd as administrator» as in the image below.
  2. Then in the cmd window, type » rd / s / q C: $ Recycle.bin »And press Enter.
  3. Then restart your computer and enjoy the new trash and reset.

2. Use the System File Checker tool

Also, if this doesn’t work for you, open the cmd window again, type sfc / scannow and press Enter.

The System File Checker feature will be launched on your device, so please wait until your Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 system is repaired; in this case, learn how to fix chkdsk stuck in Windows.

3. Wipe the recycle bin safely

  1. Hold down the Shift key and click the start button on the screen
  2. Select the restart option while holding down the Shift key
  3. Select Troubleshooting> Advanced Options> Startup Settings> tap Restart
  4. Wait until Windows 10 restarts and select Safe Mode.
  5. Now, try to repair the corrupt trash again by following the steps available above.

Sometimes you may experience a denied access error when you want to perform the actions listed above in Windows 10. So if your Recycle Bin has corrupted Windows 10 and access is denied, try activating safe mode.

4. Scan your computer for malware

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in February 2018 and has since been renewed and updated in March 2020 for freshness, accuracy and completeness.