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How to find ZOOM rooms open or to join

Cómo encontrar salas de ZOOM abiertas o para unirte

Zoom is not just an application where you can make virtual meetings via mobile phone or computer with family, friends or colleagues and classes. You could also meet and meet new people related to your interests. That is, find zoom cameras with people who talk about a certain topic, such as news, technology, video games, spirituality, politics, improvement, etc.

Out of sheer curiosity, I took on the task of searching for cameras (cameras) with open zoom or joining Google, Facebook and Twitter and I realized that you can easily find many cameras of this type, open in that time or scheduled for a certain date and time. Many people post on the internet the meetings they make or will make through this platform, with their link and password. Some probably do it to reach anyone in the world or maybe not. However, the registration option is there, although it is not 100% sure that you can enter.

Find Zoom cameras on Google

To find cameras with open or open zoom, just do a Google search by entering ««No quotes. Because all zoomed cameras have this URL, followed by a long string of hard-to-remember characters, people or groups who want their members or others to join will definitely post the link. find through Google all the pages where there is a link of this type.

find google zoom appointments find appointments with zoom

Because we’re only interested in finding zoom appointments that are open or about to open, we’ll use Google search tools, as shown above, and adjust the time to «last minute,» «last 24 hours,» or «Last week» (something similar to video search). This way we will avoid zoom cameras that were published months or even years ago and no longer exist.

Optional chain We’ll add a search term related to the camera theme we want to find, such as «bitcoin», «God», «alcoholics anonymous» and so on. It all depends on our interests.

Facebook, Twitter and others

zoom open rooms find zoom facebook cameras zoom cameras with facebook open or join

In the search box on Facebook or Twitter we can enter the same term to find open or programmed cameras with zoom. In this case, we can adjust the search results to the most recent with the options available in each of these social networks, as well as add a term depending on the topic we want to find.

In each result or page where a zoom meeting was published, you will definitely find the access link, password or password, and also the time of the meeting, if it is scheduled for a specific time.

The only downside to finding meetings by zooming in this way is that many of these cameras will require your meeting manager to admit or accept you, in addition to entering the correct password. If it’s a meeting that has no greater mystery or public interest, you should be admitted. However, if it is a class meeting, «private» or with an intermediate interest, you will certainly be rejected, because they do not want to have surprises in that meeting, such as an infiltrator to present adult content to students.

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