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How to find out who you like on Twoo

como ver a quienes le gusto en twoo

Some time ago, I explained a few tricks to know who likes Badoo Thus, those who have an account on this social network know who they are really interested in and, if they like it, they can interact with them. This time, we want to offer the following guide: how to know who you like on Twoo which will allow -to those who have an account in Twoo-, see who likes you on Twoo without paying (free) with three great tricks and in this way, you can review your profile (s) and give it a like to interact with people who have shown interest in you on Twoo.

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How to know who you like on Twoo [TRUCO #1]

The first great trick to see who likes Twoo without paying is to use the Twoo Premium service as a test, which allows – among other things – to discover the person or people who gave a «I like«In your profile Twoo.

Now, as you already know, the Twoo Premium service has an associated cost that many are not willing to pay, and for this reason we want to share an additional trick that will allow you in a very good way, to get Twoo Absolutely free premium service for a period of time needed to know who you like on Twoo. Check it out here … >>

How to know who you like on Twoo [TRUCO #2]

Now, if you’ve already implemented the Twoo Premium test option and still want to know who gave you a «Like» in your Twoo profile, you can do it with the following trick.

First of all, you have to log in to your Twoo account and after that, they will go to the option called «Discover«And once you get here, the trick or evil is to press or click.»green ticket«To each of the profiles that succeed this action and regardless of their personal taste.

how to use discover in twoo

Twoo’s system makes them appear in «Discover«Profiles of users who provided a»I like«Your profile and you, offering»I like«Deliberate to all profiles in»Discover«It will make Match or mutual likes appear and, with it, you will be able to find out who or who were attracted to you.

It is true that this action is somewhat daring and may have «I like you«Reciprocals by force or with people who don’t really like … But at the same time, it’s a feasible option when the curiosity is stronger and, by the way, if they want, they can be indifferent to the given match or even eliminate the conversation. if the person started it.

Note no: useful information to make this trick more effective is to quit searching for people configured in Twoo with a wide age range or maximum and so on when using «Discover«They will see user profiles with a wide age range and will be able to discover the people who offered them»I like«On their Twoo profile, they weren’t that age limited to the search they had.

How to know who you like on Twoo [TRUCO #3]

Last but not least, for this reason, they have an excellent trick to find out who they like on Twoo and this will allow you to discover in a good way the people who gave you a «I like«For your profile, but yes, without having to give a»I like«For your profile or to get that match, such as the previous trick or, in other words, from anonymity or confidentiality.

To use this trick, you should go to the option «I like you«And when you do, this page will be uploaded where some photos of user profiles are shown.»I like«In your profile and next to it, you can see your age and the first letter of your username. Well, all this data is very valuable and will help you find out who you are.

see who likes me on twoo

Now it’s time to go to the «visits«And when you do, this Twoo page will be loaded where you can see all those people who visited your profile on Twoo. Well, many «I like you«In Twoo, they are accompanied by respective visits to their profile of those users and with the age data, the first letter of the username and the pixelated photo, you can find another user.

see who likes me on twoo

Note no. 2: It should be noted here that in order to unlock access to their visits in Twoo they must first grant 10 «I like you«Other people on Twoo, so they can see all the people who visited your profile.

Another good trick to apply here is to go to «Discover«And with age data, the first letter of the username and the colors of the pixelated photo, with a clinical eye, will be able to see the profiles that appear, analyze them and discover with a higher probability margin that a user gave a «I like«Their profile and will have the opportunity to give a»I like«Or not, skip this or go to his profile to see it in more detail and decide.

Also, on the other hand, they have the ability to search in Twoo with an age limited to one or one of the pixelated profiles they saw in «I like you«And try – in a way – to associate the age, the first letter of the name, the colors and the shape of the pixelated photo with the profiles displayed in the search and so you can determine or discover the users who gave» Like «in your profile.

how to know who likes me in two

Finally, with this article: How to find out who likes you on Twoo without paying They will be able to find out or see who likes Twoo and thus give each other Like and interact with those who are interested, good luck.