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How to find out if someone has deleted your Tinder account

como saber su alguien esta en tinder o no

On the one hand, it generates a big surprise that a person disappears on Tinder with whom he had a match, as well as, lively conversation and, on the other hand, it causes all kinds of worries and doubts about what happened to him. and above all, if that person strongly attracted our attention. For these reasons, we present the following article: How to find out if someone has deleted your Tinder account where we will give – to the interested parties – two solutions that can be applied simultaneously to overcome this concern or, to have a greater certainty of what happened to that person (by the way, the second solution is the most effective ).

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How to find out if someone has deleted your Tinder account [SOLUCIÓN #1]

A first solution to find out if someone deleted your Tinder account or, unfortunately, broke a match on Tinder It simply consists of: sliding multiple user profiles on Tinder over a period of time and that, in addition to these, they have a limited age range for the person they are looking for.

To support this strange solution, we must say that many users have reported this dragging profiles on Tinder will show some again and even some with whom they had a match, discussed, but later the match was canceled for some reason.

This means and, although it is not clear about the Tinder algorithm, it seems that profiles can reappear on Tinder and if many profiles of that person’s age slip in a considerable time and do not appear, it is likely (in a high percentage) that person deleted that Tinder account.

Note no: Certainly, this solution is not the most suitable or efficient to do, but it is better than zero. It’s effective when you live in an area without many Tinder users to slide their profiles, but that, in addition, that person lives there and that somehow the algorithm does its job and no longer reads it, shows that profile, among other things.

How to find out if someone has deleted your Tinder account [SOLUCIÓN #2]

The second and best qualitative solution than the previous one is essentially to be able to create another Tinder account, and in doing so, undertake that person’s search by dragging user profiles that are limited to that person’s age. persons of interest and in addition, over a considerable period of time.

Sure enough, I can create a new account on Tinder and I can do it from my computer And since it’s a new profile, you should see all the profiles that exist in the age and range that set up your search, and if within a reasonable amount of time that person doesn’t show up on Tinder, you’ll be able to possibilities – to determine if that person actually deleted their Tinder account and didn’t block them, as might be feared.

In this way, this solution could be much more practical and useful than the first solution that is based on a report that apparently profiles reappear on Tinder. However, applying both could be safer than what happened to that person.

Finally, it should be noted that when I make a match with someone and talk, they can establish a good interaction and do not delay things (ask for WhatsApp, meeting, etc.), so as not to eliminate them in this way. time in Tinder and generates these doubts.