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How to enter or enter the Deep Web with your Android or iOS device

How to enter or enter the Deep Web with your Android or iOS device

Deep Web are hidden pages on the Internet where you can get several items that can be both legal and illegal. For enter the Deep Web with your Android or iOS device, you must first have a number of tools at your disposal to hide your identity, keep your IP address safe, and protect you from any malware or computer viruses that try to infect your device or steal your personal information.

Before, its access was only possible from a computer, now you can enter from any smart device. Therefore, in this post you will notice how to securely enter Deep Web with your Android or iOS phone. You can see that these pages have a different domain the one you are used to seeing (.onion) and it is also important to mention that in this place you will see sordid content that can affect sensitivity.

From Android

As mentioned above, you need certain protection tools to enter the Deep Web safely. The procedure is simple, but requires exact execution. Once you have clarified this, in this section you will find all the steps to follow enter Deep Web from your Android device:

  1. Connect to the Tor network. To do this, click on this link which will download the file «Orbot Proxy with Tor«, An official version of» The Tor Project «. This way, you will ensure anonymity while browsing and keep your IP address protected.
  2. the press for a few seconds the onion image to activate the Tor network.How To Access Deep Web From Your Android Device Step 2
  3. Download a compatible browser with this network. For these cases, it is recommended use «Tor Browser». You can download it through this link.
  4. Now you will be ready to start browsing the web. It is recommended that you first see an index of URLs to popular pages on this platform, for this you just need to enter «Hidden wiki«Through this link.

Note: do not enter any URL of «The Hidden Wiki» without first protecting yourself with the steps mentioned above. On the other hand, it is recommended that. cover the front and back of your mobile device, even if you have done this web protection process.

From iOS

Procedure for enter Deep Web from your iOS device It is similar to the steps explained above, but the programs you need to use are different. In these steps you will notice the process in more detail:

  1. Download the «TOR browser» to your phone to hide and continuously change your IP address. To do this, just click this link.
  2. Open the app and tap the onion icon to start installing the browser.
  3. Go to the «Hidden Wiki» and copy the link of your choice to go directly to the Deep Web.
  4. Enter the URL in your browser for «TOR browser«And start browsing the site.

Note: Another well-known browser you can use is «Onion Browser«A compatible browser that will include a VPN that has three layers of security with which you can easily access the Deep Web from your iPhone. To use it, just click this link.

It is completely possible enter Deep Web from your Android phone or iOS device. After performing the steps explained above, it will be completely safe to navigate the platform, but it will be entirely up to you which page you want to enter. Keep in mind that most of these pages can fool people because they use Bitcoin as a payment method, and their sites are almost impossible to track, so be very careful with the information you are looking for.