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How to enable «read mode» in Google Chrome for Android

Cómo activar el «modo lectura» en Google Chrome para Android

Read mode is a feature that many browsers incorporate, the purpose of which is to «clean» a webpage: leave only important text, links, and images, and remove other items that interfere with reading, such as ad units, buttons. social, visual elements for ornaments, CSS, etc. As its name suggests, it makes reading on your mobile phone more enjoyable, so you’ll want to turn it on if you usually read a lot in the browser, if you’re a student consuming a lot of PDFs, reading novels or whole books, etc. .

In the case of Google Chrome for Android, the reading mode works exactly the same. And, in addition to leaving only text and the most important images of a web page, it also activates the dark mode, ie white letters on a black background, ideal for reading, especially at night.

On the other hand, by default, Chrome displays all pages in a normal way, requiring you to manually activate the reading mode with the button available on the screen to put the page you are viewing in reading mode.

Set up reading mode in Chrome for Android

chrome button in three points configure google chrome android google chrome android accessibility

Google Chrome Android simplified viewing mode for web pages activate the reading mode via the chrome web page

  1. Open Google Chrome on Android and tap the menu button (the one with the three dots in the top right).
  2. Click on «Settings»
  3. «Accessibility»
  4. Leave the «Simplified web page view» option checked.
  5. When you open a webpage in Chrome, the «Show simplified view» button will appear at the bottom, which you need to tap to activate reading on that webpage. If you want to keep the page looking normal, you can ignore this button or tap «X» to remove it so that it doesn’t interfere with the page display.

There will be cases where this «Show simplified view» button does not appear on some webpages, and this is because they are not compatible with this Chrome reading mode. Nothing can be done in this case.

On the other hand, you’ll see that this read feature may remove some images from the webpage, usually images at the beginning or end of the text, but generally keep the images that are in the content.

Disable read mode

disable Android Chrome reading mode

To exit reading mode, simply tap «X» in the upper left. This will return the page to its «normal» state. The «Show simplified view» button will still be there on the normal page if you want to return to read mode.

If you want to permanently disable the «Show simplified view» button (which will prevent you from being able to put web pages back into read mode) you need to perform steps 1 to 3 above and in step 4 leave the «Simplified view» checkbox for web pages ».

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