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How to enable or disable the Insights feature in Windows 10

Cómo habilitar o deshabilitar la función Insights en Windows 10 4

Sticky Notes application it also existed in previous versions of Windows, however it had a limited utility. Only after the implementation of version 14352 of Microsoft Windows Insider, the application saw some radical changes. If you just finished upgrading to Windows 10 v1607 Build 14393.10 , you may have experienced completely different sticky notes. The application, now a Windows application, has become smarter with the addition of the feature Perspectives .

Windows 10’s Insights feature gives you the ability to create Sticky Notes Cortana reminders that you can access on all Windows-enabled Cortana devices.

Enable or disable the Insights feature in Windows 10

When you open the Ink workspace for Windows 10 and open Sticky Notes, the Note will ask if you want to enable Insights.

Click the blue «Enable stats» button and you’re ready to go. If you clicked No before and now want to enable Insights, do the following.

Open Sticky Notes using the search bar. Now, in the upper right corner of the app, you can see 3 dots.

How to enable or disable the Insights feature in Windows 10 2

Click on these 3 dots to display the decog icon at the bottom of the app.

When you see it, tap the icon (settings) as shown in the following screenshots.

How to enable or disable the Insights feature in Windows 10 3

Please note that the ink functions are only available in the US. It is expected to spread to other regions in the near future.

After doing this, the Settings window will open to display the following 2 options,

  1. Allow perspectives

  2. Submit application usage statistics.

How to enable or disable the Insights feature in Windows 10 4

When Enable Insights , leaves the Cortana and to Bing acknowledge the information you enter Sticky notes . For example, the feature allows Cortana to recognize phone numbers, email addresses, and URLs so that it can perform certain useful actions directly from the note. By default, the Insights for Sticky Notes feature is enabled on all Cortana compatible devices if you have Windows 10 Anniversary Update installed.

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Note that the function was not visible to me. I had to change the settings in `Region and language> select country as United States of America and change the language to `US English to make the feature visible in my version of Windows 10 v1607.

To turn off the Insights feature, simply set the slider to the Off position.

If you can’t get Cortana to recognize the Enable Insights feature in the settings window, try the following:

Go to Settings> Select Time and language. Once there, make sure your country or region is set to United States of America and that your language (input method) is also set to English United States) . Currently, it is essential that both are configured for the feature to work.

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