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How to enable and use preview mode in Gmail to read an email without opening it

How to enable and use preview mode in Gmail to read an email without opening it

Checking your inbox may be a difficult task because of the number of messages in it. However, you will see that there is an alternative that will be very useful to save time Reading.

In this case, we recommend that you install and use the preview mode in your Gmail email, as it will allow you to quickly view messages through the dashboard. You’ll also be able to reply to or forward your emails in a convenient way, as well as archive, delete, or move messages to another folder without leaving your inbox.

In general, it is a very useful feature that makes it easy to read messages and saves you time if you don’t know how to turn it on and use preview in Gmail. keep reading and you will see how to do it and you will even find all the benefits you will get from using it.

Preview mode in Gmail

With Gmail preview, you can preview or read your emails very quickly without having to open them. Since it is a tool that allows content to be displayed in the same inbox of the received message.

Besides the fact that it is easy to use, it is very useful for the user; on the other hand, don’t forget that for greater use From preview, it’s important to sync your Google Chrome bookmarks between your mobile and computer.

inbox image in Gmail

How do I enable preview in Gmail?

To enable preview in Gmail, you need to install this feature, so you need to go to Google Labs to do so; you must also from the same email box click the «Settings» icon which is located at the top right to display a menu.

In this menu you have to select the option that says «Configuration» Again, several options will be broken down on the screen and choose the one that says «Labs» that appears at the top. A tab will open with different alternatives, you have to choose the one that says «Preview the panel» by clicking on it and then press the «Activate» button on the right.

Then you need to scroll down to the end of the Labs tab so that you can click the «Save changes» option. From that moment on, you will notice in the e-mail box that a new icon appears next to «Settings» which is «Activate split panel mode”. This option allows you to select how you want the preview to appear in Gmail.

By clicking on the «Split Panel Mode» icon, you need to choose one of the three options that are most convenient for you to use, such as:

  • No division: The preview panel does not appear in this option.
  • Vertical split: A panel will appear allowing you to see the message selected on the right side of the mailbox.
  • Horizontal split: The preview pane will appear at the bottom of the mailbox displaying the selected message.

laptop where Gmail is displayed

You will now have Gmail preview mode turned on; On the other hand, it’s also important to have Gmail set up as your email client. Because it will allow you to have all the information you need directly on your computer desktop, without having to go to the web.

How do I use preview in Gmail?

To use preview mode in Gmail, you must select a message by clicking on it, will automatically appear in the preview panel in the way you chose earlier. Remember that if you use this option on your smartphone, you must have the new version of Gmail on Android updated and activated.

After reviewing the first message, just sliding the arrows up and down the keyboard on them you can preview the content of each message. You do not have to click on each message to open it individually.