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How to enable 2-step authentication or Instagram verification to protect my account

How to enable 2-step authentication or Instagram verification to protect my account

Constant password theft makes it necessary to activate the two-step verification, Instagram It is one of the most used social networks today; For this reason, it is known that a lot of valuable information moves through it, which is of considerable interest to attackers.

Two-step authentication it is a security method that different social networks haveToday, most are so exposed that they opted for this little lock. If you want to learn how to enable two-step Instagram verification, read on.

How to activate the two-step verification on the social network Instagram?

want to authenticate an account on social networks To protect it, it is common to all, one of the safest ways to do this is two-step authentication. Both Instagram, Facebook and other social networks have this security option.

Actually, on Facebook the process is very simple to execute, either to enable or disable the two-step verification lock; and anyone who needs more security can do it; For this reason, in the case of Instagram, we can’t expect the process of protecting your account to be difficult.

Moreover, even to protect Microsoft in this way, the steps to follow are simple and quick. So to do this on Instagram, we will apply the following.

The first thing you need to do is to connect as you regularly do in the application, it is necessary and more comfortable for you to do it from your mobile phone. Then you have to go to Settings’, you will point to the «Security» option and finally to «Two-step authentication».

enable two-step instagram authentication verification

The next is choose one of two authentication methods or options that it gives you text messages or an authentication application and follow the appropriate steps that it indicates. It’s very simple and your account should be protected in this way as well.

What other way is there and why should I protect my account?

There are several ways to protect your account on this social network, it can not be done only with two-step verification. Actually, this is considered one of the most effective, but that doesn’t mean it’s the option you should take.

Regardless you should try to protect your Instagram account is to know where to put the information in the revenue data. Without this, believe me, it will certainly be easy for your account to be vulnerable to attackers.

Attackers can manifest in different ways, but the most common is by «Phishing», so you should learn to prevent any type of phishing at any cost.

There is also another way you can get hurt with authentication theft, namely that the various ways to do this, which technology allows and different levels of hackers that exist, is simply wonderful.

That’s what we mean when we are hacked through our wireless network internet, WiFi; being the victim of a theft with this connection, by anyone who has access to that network and you have to be careful to know who can steal your WiFi internet, because it is a very weak point for our privacy.

Who can use the two-step authentication of the Instagram social network?

In fact, the answer to this question is a relative question, at everyone can serve this type of security you’re used to an account, but if the information you have in it isn’t important or just as important in case you lose it, you shouldn’t worry about using this process.

protect my Instagram account

For users that this type of security is most recommended, they are the ones who are verified as official, in addition, should also apply to profiles They represent a recognized institution or company with extremely important information.

Otherwise, this service offered by the social network is available to any user who wants to keep it relevant data or information, and you do not want to go through the difficulty of losing or being stolen.

But if you only use your Instagram account to see other people’s posts and you know you don’t have more information there, We do not believe that this excellent authentication is required.