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How to edit PDF files in Microsoft Word

Cómo editar archivos PDF en Microsoft Word 1

Portable document format (PDF) is a common format for sharing final versions of files. The format is most used for viewing and not for editing. But if you need to edit PDF files, Microsoft Word 2019/2016/2013 brings a multitude of features to the word processing table, one of which is the ability to edit PDF files.

Office2010 offered the option to save a document as a PDF, but Microsoft Word2013 even allows you to edit the content before sending it to the final recipient as a PDF file. Although the full version of Adobe Acrobat allows users to edit PDF files, it is more difficult than editing the original document in MS Office. Why is that? PDF is technically an image file, to convert this image file to text requires sophisticated OCR, such as Adobe Acrobat X Pro or other tools. Therefore, Adobe Free Reader does not allow you to edit the contents of a PDF. With Word 2013, however, you can convert a PDF to a Word document and edit its contents.

In this post, we will see how to edit PDF files in Word 2013.

Edit PDF files in Word

When you install Office, you’ll notice that in the context menu of any PDF file, you have the option to open a PDF file in Microsoft Word, along with other PDF readers, such as Adobe Reader or Foxit and Windows Reader, if you’re on Windows 10/8 .

Navigate to any location of the PDF file, right-click the PDF file, select the Open with option, and select Word (desktop) to open it in Word 2013. When you open a PDF file in Word 2013, start converting it using Microsoft PDF Reflow .

Microsoft PDF Reflow will convert all the contents of files, including their format, such as paragraphs, lists, titles, columns, footnotes, tables, etc., to Word content. You can even edit the tables. I tried it with several smaller PDF documents and it kept all the formatting even after the conversion. So I also tried larger PDFs, such as e-books (size ~ 30 MB). It took a while to convert – but it did its job. So you can also try large files if you have some newer systems with more memory.

How to edit PDF files in Microsoft Word 1

Anyway, then a dialog box with a message » Word will convert your PDF to an editable Word document. The resulting Word document will be optimized to allow you to edit the text, so it may not look exactly like the original PDF, especially if the original file contains a lot of graphics. »It should appear on the computer screen.

How to edit PDF files in Microsoft Word 2

Click the OK button to continue opening the file in Word 2013. Once you have opened the PDF in Word, it will be in Read Only / Protected mode

When you open the file, click the Enable Edit button next to the warning message to start editing the PDF file. Here, remember, you can’t easily save changes to your existing PDF file.

To update your changes, it’s essential to save the document under a new name or location.

How to edit PDF files in Microsoft Word 3

So if you get a pop that carries the same message, don’t be surprised. Try saving the PDF under a different name or saving the file in Word or PDF format.

How to edit PDF files in Microsoft Word 4

Depending on the situation, one option may work better than the other:

PDF : If you do not want to make other changes to the document, save the edited document as a PDF file.

Word document : If you want to continue making changes to the document (or if you need a second set of eyes to approve the changes), save it as a Word document. You can save it as a PDF file at any time later.

This is a great feature in Microsoft Word, among many other cool features of Microsoft Office!

I hope you find this tutorial useful.

Now learn how to edit PDF documents using Word Online. This post will show you how to remove your password from PDF.

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