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How to easily reform the ladder

How to easily reform the ladder

Refurbish the staircase to suit the style of the rest of the house or simply to improve its appearance over time.

Whatever the reason, in this article you will find the information you need to make the job simple but effective.

The importance of the ladder

Stairs play a fundamental role in the structure of a house, connect spaces and are really a focal point in decorating environments.

The reality is that their appearance also tends to become obsolete, unlike the changes that are brought into the house over time and this is due to the fact that due to their structure, they are an element that is not always changed, it involves a great deal. work and a good investment of money.

Fortunately, there are ways to refresh old stairs, simple renovations that can make them look much better, more modern and in line with the current decorative style of the room.

It should be noted that these reforms are only to change the appearance of the ladder and not to correct structural defects, cracks, ruptures or detachments. In this case, you must first remedy and then reform.

The materials chosen for the renovation of the staircase must accompany the style of the house, but not compete in importance, because otherwise there will be a very strong visual shock that will disarm the whole scene.

It is worth clarifying that the raw material used must be of high quality, which guarantees the sustainability of the reforms and, at the same time, ensures security against possible accidents that may occur with the use of the ladder.

Wall cladding

Something as simple as cladding the bottom wall of the staircase can radically change its appearance. Currently, textured tiles are used to generate contrast and increase the visual impact of the entire set.

But you have to keep in mind:

The material and style of the railing: they determine the age of the architectural style and, based on it, the type of cladding to be placed must be selected.

In the case of classic or vintage railings, the textures on the wall are not recommended, but simple tiles in light colors. Contrary to what happens with modern railings or a simple structure, in this case the textures can be used on the walls.

When selecting the coating, you must always be very satisfied with the style and color, you must take all the time necessary to choose it, because it is an element that you see every day and if you do not like it, you waste money.

If the staircase itself is attractive, the cladding can be ignored, as the ideal is to highlight its virtues through painting, as well as by using self-adhesive vinyl mosaics on the steps to give them greater prominence.

The wooden floor on the stairs

It is a very versatile and flattering resource in all styles. Wood has all the qualities needed to look great wherever it is placed, it is warm, timeless and beautiful.

In this reform, it is sufficient to take into account the measures that the steps and the space between them must have, so that they are not affected by the reform. As a general rule, they should have 17 cm of lift, 30 cm of tread and a minimum of 70 cm width, but they are variable measures.

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