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How to download thousands of free books on a Kindle

How to download thousands of free books on a Kindle

Download free books on Kindle It is one of the features we can take advantage of with our e-book. And as incredible as it may seem, having an extended virtual library on a small device that we can carry everywhere is a reality within the reach of all Kindle users. If you want to know how to fill the virtual shelves of your Kindle, don’t miss the following tutorial.

How to fill your Kindle with free epubs

Catch In recent years, it has become the preferred option for all those readers who are looking for a way to read that will allow them to carry many books with them in a small space. The advantage of this type of e-book is that the screen allows a comfortable reading that simulates that of a printed paper, is portable, easy and allows the storage of hundreds of books with the consequent saving of space that it involves. How can you do it? Following the following tutorial:

  • The first step is to get started Kindle device and activate the wireless connection. You will find the option in menu located at the top.
  • Double-click the menu and click Experimental> Basic Web> Menu> Enter URL
  • In the next section you have to write «». If you browse down, you’ll find a link called «Public Domain». Just click here and you’ll have access to thousands of e-book titles that you can download directly to your device in just a few minutes and, at best, completely free.
  • To download a specific title, simply select the book you need and accept the message that will appear on the screen, asking for permission to download. When the download is complete, you can locate it by clicking the button start from the main screen.

Free epub sites for Kindle

Another way to download free epubs for Kindle is by accessing the download pages. Some of the ones that have the highest number of free titles and that will allow you to download legally are:


AmazonBesides being a sales giant in all kinds of products, the company created the Kindle, so how could it be otherwise, it’s the perfect place to find hundreds of free titles for the Kindle.

To see the full list of free books available, just go to the Kindle Store and download the book you need directly from your user account.

Open Culture

Another web to be able to download free epubs for the Kindle, it is Open Culture. The page has compiled a maximum of 700 and no less than 700 e-books of classical literature to be downloaded for free from Kindle. But there are still more, and this website gives you the opportunity to download much more material in other formats, such as: academic books, online courses, movies, audio books …


One of the peculiarities Read, is that it offers e-books without DRM (anti-piracy protection), but with different formats that make them fully compatible with Kindle e-readers.

In addition to finding free titles, you can find many titles at very low prices. Without protection, you can copy them to any device and take them anywhere.

And so, in this simple way, you can enjoy your favorite readings comfortably and without spending money. In the most comfortable and simple way and with guaranteed reading hours on your Kindle device.

Did you know …

Kindle was named Fiona for the first time, after the girl who played in the futuristic novel. The Diamond Ageby Neal Stephenson. Before the e-reader went on sale, the name Kindle was chosen, evoking the idea of ​​starting a fire.

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