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How to download photos from Twoo

bajar fotos de twoo

Some time ago, We explain how to download photos from the Badoo social network without discounts and without losing valuable quality. Now, in RecursosPrá we want to present the following article: how to download photos from Twoo where it will be clearly explained – to all those interested -, how to save or download photos of Twoo users for free, without programs and best of all, getting full photos (no cuts) and with the same quality or resolution as those uploaded by that particular user who drew their attention on the social network Twoo, we hope it will serve you.

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How to download photos from Twoo | STEP 1: Enter Twoo and log in without an account

First, they must have access the web version of Twoo from the computer and after that connect to Twoo by entering your email address and password in the boxes provided and clicking on the green button that says: «online”.enter twoo

* TRICK: On the other hand, those who want log in to Twoo without an account In fact, they will be able to do this by following the given link only to take them to the person they find in Twoo.

How to download photos from Twoo | STEP 2: Search for a user and enter their profile

Once you’ve reached the first page of your Twoo account, it’s time to search for the user you like and enter your profile, and to do so, you can search for it in the «conversation«(If they spoke with him) or, in the option»visits«(If that user visited them) or finally, in the»Searches«

looking for people on twoo

Once the profile is found, you simply need to access it and for that, it will click or click on your profile.

enter twoo

How to download photos from Twoo | STEP 3: View the wallpaper

Once they have entered the profile of interest, they should open or view one of the photos that interested them and for this simple task they will click on one of the photos.

View user's profile on twoo

This will open the photo to a larger or larger size. Here, they have to place the mouse cursor over the photo in question, click on the right mouse button and with it, a menu with several options will open and in it, they will click on the option that says: «See the wallpaper«

how to download photos from twoo

Perfect, they did very well. A page will load in your browser with that user’s photo at the original size and resolution and best of all, without cuts (in full).

how to save photos from twoo

How to download photos from Twoo | STEP 4: Save the image from Twoo

Now it’s time to save Twoo’s photo and for that, they will place the mouse cursor over the photo and click on the right button and with that, a menu will appear with a few options and you will choose with one click, this option says : «Save image as«

download twoo's photo

With the previous action, the classic window called «Save the picture«And here, they will be able – if they want – to select where they want to save the Twoo image and after this option, they will be able to give it a name and finally click on the button that says:»Keep«and that’s it.

how to download photos from twoo

After saving that Twoo photo, they will access the back page of the browser and the user’s profile will be uploaded and they will be able to repeat the operation with other photos of that user or download photos of another Twoo user. With this article: how to download photos from Twoo the concern is answered.