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How to download, install and update applications step by step on a Hitachi Smart TV

How to download, install and update applications step by step on a Hitachi Smart TV

Needless to say, lately, technological advances are more and more noticeable and, with them, the tools they offer us are more attractive, just imagine, it just shows a simple black and white image, now we can even to make video calls or play videos on the latest generations of TVs.

In this case, we will talk about smart TVs, especially those of the HITACHI brand, which, several times, we have noticed how there are questions about how download, install or update any type of application in them, but do not worry, today in Look How Is Made we will try to guide you.

It is very common to have applications on our mobile phones and smart devices, but now not only to this brand, but to all current brands of Smart TV can be stored these applications for personal use.

How to download applications on Hitachi Smart TV?

All Hitachi brand Smart TVThey already have default applications on their system, but of course they don’t always have the ones we really want or need.

download apps on hitachi smart tv

There is a native store where many compatible applications for our smart TV are resting, we just have to take a look at our remote control, there must be a button that has printed the icon of a planet, which is crossed with an arrow. All you have to do is press this button and point it at your smart TV.

Also, from the remote control we go to the main menu and once we get there, we just have to mark where it says «Market»With the« OK »button on our order, this will show you almost all the applications available for our smart TV, just press the one you like, for example HBO and wait for it to be installed.

Installing applications

In general, these smart TVs have the ability to install the applications that we download from a store quite automatically, just like our smartphones. All you have to do is wait for the installation and then use it without any problems.

Update applications on a Hitachi smart TV

Like all smart devices and the latest generation, most of the applications that this smart TV has are installed by default since its creation, it is completely updated on its own Or in other words automatically.

Others need to be done in a much more manual way, of course it is always necessary good wifi network connection for this to happen, but sometimes Hitachi smart TVs, I can’t automatically update the applications in it, so we’ll explain.

The first thing you need to do is go to the TV’s home screen and select Store. Find and select the user symbol right next to the search box. This will take you to the account settings, where you just need to select «Downloads or updates», then just select the option «check for updates«.

Once this option is selected, you will see how immediately after a few seconds a list will appear in which are reflected all those applications that are outdated, which will have an arrow just to the right of the icon of each application.

update the applications on hitachi smart tv

Now, to download the updates of each of these applications, just just press where the arrow is located and then simply press «accept». If your internet is working properly, the safest thing is that the application starts the download process and then the installation process, which, as I said earlier, will happen automatically.

Reinstall defective applications

This option is useful when the application is updated, but even so it has defects and problems when using it, so it is best to reinstall the application that causes us discomfort.

To perform this process, you just need to go to the screen that says «Downloads or Updates» and just delete that defective app and once this app has been removed, just download and install it again, following the steps already mentioned above. This probably fix most faults who presented the mentioned application on our HITACHI smart TV.