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How to disable WhatsApp notification previews on iPhone

How to disable WhatsApp notification previews on iPhone

Unless the lock screen is locked, anyone who picks up their iPhone can read their notifications. If you want to hide your private WhatsApp conversations from the lock screen, you can turn off notification previews in two different ways.

Turn off notification previews on the lock screen

One of the new features introduced with Face ID on the iPhone X was the ability to hide notification previews. The feature was released in iOS 11 and is available for all iPhones, including older iPhones with Touch ID.

This option is enabled by default for devices with Face ID sensor (one of the best IPhone privacy features), but you can activate it manually if you have an older iPhone.

When enabled, the contents of all notifications are hidden by default. The notification will display the sender’s name, and the text of the notification will simply read «Notification».

When you unlock your iPhone with Face ID, the notification will expand to display the content.

If you’ve turned off the feature or are using an older iPhone, you can turn it on in Settings.

Open the «Settings» application and then tap the «Notifications» option.

Here, tap the «Show previews» option at the top.

Go to «When unlocked». Now, your iPhone will only expand the content of notifications after scanning your face using Face ID or after you place your finger on the Touch ID sensor.

If you want to be more careful and don’t want notification content to appear on the lock screen, choose the «Never» option.

Disable WhatsApp notification previews

The above method is an all or nothing offer for every notification that touches your iPhone. But what if you only want to turn off notification previews for WhatsApp and not for other apps? You can do this using a WhatsApp application setting.

Open the «WhatsApp» app and tap the «Settings» tab in the lower right corner.

From there, choose the «Notifications» option.

Here, tap the switch next to the «Show preview» option.

Now, when you receive a new message on WhatsApp, the notification will tell you the sender’s name, and the content area will simply read «Message».

This is just one of the many steps you can take to make your WhatsApp account more secure and private. Take a look at us WhatsApp Security Guide for more information.