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How to disable the Live mailbox

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Useful in the past (maybe), when there weren’t many messaging services and we were hostage to SMS, because voice messaging worked as a kind of portable «answering machine». However, today, function prevents and irritates rather than helps. So in this tutorial , learn how to disable the live mailbox .

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1. From you Live phone , you need to call * 8486 . If you are in a Landline , Call 1058 ;

2. Ask to speak with an assistant and turn off voicemail (or voicemail);

3. It is also possible to send a SMS messages with the word LIVE to the number 1058 ;

4. In the created message, write option number 9 (Contact us) and wait for the answer;

5. The clerk will ask you confirm some details about your account , such as the holder’s line number, full name and social security number;

6. If all goes well, you will receive an SMS confirming the cancellation of the Vivo mailbox. Otherwise, please contact us again.

How to turn off voicemail if you’re part of a postpaid plan

If your voicemail is part of a promotional package contracted to subscribe to a Vivo postpaid plan, follow the instructions below.

1. From you Live phone , Call * 555 ;

2. Choose option 5 to block voicemail.

Ready Now you don’t have to worry if someone, for example, forgot to hang up and accidentally record about 10 minutes of random conversations.

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