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How to disable other people on Google Meet

How to disable other people on Google Meet

While attending a video meeting with Google Meet, formerly known as Hangouts Meet, sometimes other people’s videos become too loud or annoying. Maybe they got lost to silence a barking or interrupting dog and need to be restrained. In this case, you can turn off your microphone. In this way.

Rules to silence others on Google Meet

In the wrong context, silencing someone else on Google Meet could be misinterpreted. So before you do this, make sure you know exactly how the function works. Here are some tips:

  • Anyone in a Google Meet conference can disable anyone else.
  • If you move someone, no one in the conference will be able to hear you.
  • When you move someone, everyone will be notified that you’ve disabled that person.
  • You cannot turn off the sound on someone after they have been turned off. They have to activate the sound themselves. Google says this is for privacy reasons.

How to move someone on Google Meet

If you understand the potential social risks and still want to take them, here’s how to silence someone. This method works on Mac, PC, iPad or Android, all being similarly designed.

First, click or tap the People icon at the top right of the Google Meet window.

Click the Google Meet people icon

On the right side of the window will open a menu with meeting participants. Click or tap the name of the person you want to deactivate.

Click the person on Google Meet you want to disable

Three icons will appear under the name of the person on the list. Touch the icon in the middle, which looks like a microphone.

Google Meet click the ignore button

A warning will appear reminding you that if you do this, the sound will be turned off by all participants in the call, and that the person you turn off is the only one who can turn off the sound.

If you want to continue and disable them, click or tap the «Disable» button.

Google Meet Silence Warning

The person’s microphone will be turned off and all participants in the meeting will be notified. Remember, only the person who has been silenced can reactivate it.

What to do if you have been disabled on Google Meet

If you have been disabled by someone else during the meeting, no one will be able to hear you speak, and your microphone icon will appear red or cut out. Fortunately, you can restart your microphone by clicking or tapping the microphone icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

(If the toolbar isn’t visible, hover over the bottom edge of the Google Meet window or tap there to make it appear.)

Click the microphone button to turn on the sound on Google Meet

Now you can continue to speak / sing / sing the ukulele and everyone will be able to hear you again.