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How to disable a lock without being noticed

como inutilizar una cerradura sin que se note

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If you are reading this, it is because you want to know how to disable a lock without being noticedEither causing a physical malfunction or a problem that is noticed only by calling a locksmith to make sure to remove the key from the lock if it has been locked.

Disable a lock Without being noticed, it can be a great idea if you want to start using another entry, feel safer if you have a locked lock, play a practical joke on your neighbor, or pay a favor to your ex-partner, it’s all possible with this technique is already in each make the best use of it.

how to disable a lock without being noticedHow to disable a lock without being noticed

Of course, we are not responsible here if your ex finds you sabotaging your lock or accuse you of condominiums.

Locks are often a problem, especially when you want to disable a lock without being noticed, as many of the possible options to disable them would leave clear evidence that it has been modified or tampered with to damage it.

For this reason, here we will show you some new ways to leave a padlock unused after a while.

Ways to disable a lock

Caution and discretion are required when performing certain well-done tasks, such as a spy who has been working for months to catch a suspect.

how to disable a lockHow to disable a lock

In this case ours aim is to disable a lock without being noticed, so we will need caution and time to make the lock unusable, no further questions, we leave you 5 ways to disable a lock without being noticedIt must be said that each of the techniques requires more or less time to be effective.

super glue

super glue It is one of the main allies that can help you disable a lock without being easily noticed, although if the technique is applied incorrectly, it could be noticed.

Super glue or glue glue, is the classic and strong glue that is able to glue anything and best of all is that it is colorless.

locks in the padlockLoctite locked

To disable the lock with super glue, you will need only one thing, yes, glue, but not only one of them must be Super, although you can add some gloves to avoid contact with it.

With the glue ready, you just have to go to the lock to deactivate it and put a few drops in the keyhole.

And, although it seems easy, you will have to do a very delicate and careful job, so that the glue does not leak through the keyhole and can be seen from the outside.

3 in 1 oil

Another way to deactivate a lock without being noticed, it is applying 3-in-1 oil.

This type of oil at first is usually a miracle for locks, however, after a few days or weeks it becomes a nightmare.

disable the lockDisable the lock

This is due to the fact that the oil will collect any type of particles, dust, metal worn by the lock, it will dry and in a few days the locking mechanism will lock, either when turning the knob or trying to turn the key, it does not work and must be replaced.

So if you want to turn off a lock without showing the oil 3 in 1, you can help, although vegetable oils are also very useful for locking locks.

Metal boats

An excellent way to deactivate a lock without being noticed is by placing a little metal powder in it.

The metal will do the locking mechanism is locked and cannot turn in the best way or in the best case or worse, he will not be able to return since he was blocked.

how to choose a lockHow to choose a lock

How do I get dust or metal chips? You may be wondering, we are already telling you what to do.

  • Get a piece of metal, a coarse sandpaper and with the help of the sandpaper scrape the metal and collect the resulting dust or chips.
  • Now, very carefully, you need to insert the metal chips into the keyhole to use it without being noticed, for this you make a kind of paper trough through which you can push the metal dust into the lock.
  • If you have an injector, you can use it to push the metal by blowing some air into the lock.

This technique to disable a lock without being noticed is very effective and you can get good results by applying it in a good way.

Beach sand

beach sand is another great resource for disabling a lock without being noticed as it can be easily obtained and if there is no beach nearby, you can use finely washed river sand.

You should only get a few grams of sand and use a channel-shaped paper to empty the sand into the keyhole.

open drill lock

After inserting the sand grains, you can use an injector or straw to blow the sand into the lock.

After a few days the fat and the sand had corroded the mechanism, leaving an unusable lock.


Hydrochloric acid is a strong acid normally used for cleaning floors and ceramics and I placed it as a last resort because it is a really dangerous acid.

Well, in its purest form, it burns and cancels everything out of its reach, but in this case you will use only the hydrochloric acid that comes in the cleaning products, better known as salfumán.

the central lock does not work on a door

For this technique you will need hydrochloric acid (salfumán), an injector, gloves to avoid contact with the acid and a mask.

  • Fill the injector with acid very carefully.
  • Don’t forget to cover yourself with a mask and use gloves.
  • Inject the acid into the lock and you’re done.

Wash your hands thoroughly and throw the injector in the trash, it will only be a few days before the lock is unusable. You have to be very careful when working with this compound, because it is dangerous.