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How to design or view your mobile phone screen on your computer

Cómo proyectar o ver la pantalla del celular en el PC

There are several ways to design, share, duplicate, transmit or see the screen of the mobile phone on the computer. This can be done without the need to install additional programs or applications if you are looking for something wireless and fast. If this isn’t your case or it doesn’t work for you, the easiest thing is to install the software from your Android manufacturer, which usually includes «the mirror»Or mirroring and is easy to configure. In this sense, there are also third-party applications that perform this task quite well and, like the manufacturer’s software, you can connect and do «mirroring»With USB cable or if you prefer via WiFi and even Bluetooth.

View the Android screen on your PC without APPS

This is an exclusive possibility for a Windows 10 PC. In this case we are talking about a wireless connection, so you will need a laptop or a desktop computer with a WiFi adapter. If not, go to the next section.

Windows 10 has a native option to view Android on your PC. It means that it works without installing applications and you will be able to project the mobile phone screen on the PC immediately.

Basically, you need to make your PC «visible» by opening the Windows 10 «Connect» application. Just type «cconnect « or «sign in» in the Windows search box. In this application it should show that the PC is «ready to run wirelessly». Then you just need to activate the option Cast Screen (or Smart View in Samsung Galaxy) of your Android mobile phone and your PC will be visible there to connect. You can check out the step-by-step tutorial here.

Applications for designing Android on PC

Manufacturer’s PC suite

Samsung flow how it works high resolution screen mirror

Samsung Mirror Flow Screen PC 2

Thanks «screen mirroring»And some APK you can easily watch movies from your mobile phone on your PC.

One of the easiest ways to transmit the screen from your mobile phone to your computer is to use the manufacturer’s software, whose names change from one to another. For example, for Samsung devices, you need to download Samsung Flow. For Huawei maybe it can be done with Hello and for Xiaomi with My PC suite. Normally, you just need to download the client to your PC, the mobile application on your mobile phone, connect both with the USB cable and follow the setup wizard, something very simple compared to third-party tools such as we’ll see them later.

In the case of Samsung, the Samsung Flow software is one of the best I’ve tried to view and control the screen of my mobile phone on my computer. It supports various wireless connection modes as well with USB cable, allows you to transmit or project the screen at high resolution, bring the sound to your computer or keep it on your mobile phone, and turn off the phone screen while streaming content to save battery power. Samsung Flow is better than SideSync (the true Samsung suite for PC) to broadcast the screen. In fact, in the latter case, I didn’t even manage to get my computer to recognize my cell phone on the first try.


Perhaps the best third-party application to view your mobile phone on your computer. You can even control your mobile phone with your computer mouse and keyboard, even with keyboard shortcuts.

In addition to working well, it has remote support. That is, you can share your mobile phone screen with someone from the other side of the world if you want.

Normal works with USB cableBut it has a paid version that offers wireless connectivity and high image quality (although the free version offers decent quality and functionality).

Just install the mobile app on your mobile phone and follow the steps given. You will be asked to install the software on your computer. Pre-enable USB debugging on Android. If your PC is Windows, you must also install mobile USB drivers.

If you have any problems, I’ve already done an article about Vysor here.


This open source utility offers virtually everything Vysor offers and even more, without paying any money and without having to see advertising, although its configuration requires ADB. Yes, it works with a USB cable, but you can also set up SCRCPY for wireless or wireless projection, as well as record your mobile phone screen while watching it on your computer.

To set up scrcpy you will need to do the following:

  1. Install Minimal ADB on your computer.
  2. Download the scrcpy ZIP file and extract it to the same Minimal ADB folder.
  3. Run minimal ADB (double-click the cmd-here.exe file) and enter the scrcpy command (if you have done the official ADB installationYou will need to open a command window in the folder where you extracted the ZIP code and enter “scrcpy” in the same way to see the mobile phone window on your computer).

For more information about scrcpy, I recommend checking its thread on reddit.



A very popular application to integrate your Android mobile phone with your computer. This includes the ability to design the mobile screen on your computer, among many other things.

With AirDroid you can completely control your mobile phone from your computer, through the desktop client or even from your browser, through

To design Android on your computer, you need to use the AirMirror AirDroid feature. As before, you need to enable USB debugging and driver installation (only if it is a Windows PC).

Setting up this application is easier if the device is rooted. However, it can be done without root. The programmers offer a step-by-step explanation here.


Mobizen is another application with a concept similar to AirDroid, although its Mobizen Mirroring service (which is the one we are interested in here) will be discontinued on February 1, 2022.

Over time we have collected other names of applications with a similar purpose. For example, Ashot, Droid Explorer, BBQ Screen Remote (which has no delay or latency), Android Screencast and DroidScreen. Unfortunately, these apps are already discontinued and are only recommended if you have an old Android device, say Android 2, 4 or 5.

Note: This article has been updated with information valid from the date indicated in the header. Some comments may refer to older versions of this article.

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