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How to delete or suspend a WhatsApp account from my mobile phone forever

How to delete or suspend a WhatsApp account from my mobile phone forever

One of the best options for switch completely to another messaging application it is, without a doubt, the permanent deletion or suspension of the account you held in the previous one.

So in the case of WhatsApp, if you want to switch to one of the alternative apps similar to this messaging platform, the best option is delete the WhatsApp account on your cell phone forever.

This is necessary in order not to leave traces of our information on the mentioned platform. And in this way keep our information more secure.

For this reason, we’ll show you the steps you need to follow to learn how to delete or suspend a WhatsApp account on your mobile phone forever. In addition, you’ll find out what happens once you decide to delete that account.

What happens if I delete or suspend a WhatsApp account on my mobile phone?

One of the benefits of different types of mobile apps is that once you’ve created an account in it, you can delete it whenever you want. As WhatsApp is one of the types of messaging, it also has the option to suspend the account in the application forever.

delete WhatsApp

Therefore, you need to know that this process in that application is literal and once you have decided delete a WhatsApp account on your mobile phone, there will be no way to recover it.

Also, once you have started the process, message history is deleted you have, as well as all the information of the groups you once belonged to.

On the other hand, keep in mind that the messages, images, documents, files, or any other file that you have shared with any of your contacts will not be removed from the account his.

How do I permanently delete a WhatsApp account from my mobile phone?

One of the best alternatives to fully dedicating yourself to just one messaging app is to delete the account you had in the previous app. So if you want delete a WhatsApp account On your mobile device, you can do it by following a few simple steps.

This way, the first step to delete an account in WhatsApp Messenger is to enter that app from your mobile phone. Once there, you have to go too select the three vertical dots iconwhich are displayed in the home window of the mobile phone in the upper right corner of the phone.

When the corresponding menu has been displayed, you must select the «Settings» option which is displayed in the menu. Once there, you need to enter the «Account» option later in the «Account» optionDelete my account‘in the available options. When you log in, you will notice that a menu is displayed to select the reason why you decided to delete the WhatsApp account.

button to delete WhatsApp

Finally, when you select the option to delete the account, you will need to select the country you are in and enter your phone number in the full international format, ie include +34 if you are from Spain. Finally, you just have to confirm that you want to delete the WhatsApp account.

How long do I have to wait for an account to be deleted or suspended?

Once you have selected the option delete or suspend a WhatsApp account from your mobile phone, it will automatically start the process of deleting the data you had in that account.

This process starts in the same way, either you use the WhatsApp application on your mobile device, or you use the WhatsApp web platform to delete an active account of the mentioned messages on your mobile phone. Therefore, after you have made the selection to delete the account, will be deleted immediately.

However, you should know that although you will not be able to access this account again, the same can last up to 90 days to be completely eliminated. That is, the WhatsApp server needs this time period to permanently delete all the data that had been saved in the backups made in that account that you decided to delete permanently.

Therefore, despite the length of time that the account data that you decide to delete remains deleted after you complete the deletion process, you can consider removed or suspended it because no one will be able to access it again.