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How to delete or permanently delete a Cuponatic account

How to delete or permanently delete a Cuponatic account

We all know the many benefits that both companies and consumers get when they buy discount coupons. However, many users decide delete or delete your Couponatic accounts forever.

Although this is a super easy procedure, some users simply can’t do it alone. For this reason, in this article we will teach you how to delete or permanently delete a Cuponatic account.

What is Couponatic?

Basically, Cuponatic is a site created to get coupons and market discount coupons of all kindsHowever, it does not apply if you want to get Amazon coupons.

This company of Chilean origin currently offers its services in Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Peru. Although it is expected to spread to more countries around the world in the coming years.

This company is run by young people and adults eager to do their best to contribute to internet business and e-commerce. The main function of Cuponatic is to locate, look for discounts of all kinds.

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The people in charge of Cuponatic indicated that the page was created in order to help consumers find good deals and thus save money. It is currently considered one of the best coupon pages in Latin America.

The discounts you can find in Cuponatic are up to 90% discount on products, services, trips, meals, among others. Cuponatic has undoubtedly managed to make significant contributions to businesses on the Internet platform.

In 2014 he was named as the best company environment with benefits for the consumer and the same company, in the airline LATAM. Thanks to the development of discount campaigns and events both on the internet and in physical stores.

In addition to offering discount coupons on the thousands of products and services that Cuponatic has for you, you the security system is quite efficient. The data provided upon payment will be completely confidential between the user and the chosen payment system.

How do I delete or permanently delete a Cuponatic account?

To view and keep up to date with coupons and discount offers that are hosted on the Couponatic page and that are constantly updated, we need to have a subscription or a user account on our behalf.

It often happens that we want to delete or delete our Cuponatic account forever, this procedure is very simple, however, for many of the users Cuponatic was somewhat difficult to delete this account.

If you no longer wish to obtain information from this page, you must unsubscribe, delete or delete your Couponatic account following the steps we will give you below.

It is recommended that this process be performed through an internet browser from a PC or mobile device of any operating system. Log in as you normally would to your username, providing your username and password for access.

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Now, in your profile, find the settings or configuration options, click on the «account» option and select «cancel the subscription«Or»Delete account”. If you want to delete or permanently delete your Couponatic account, click the delete account option.

Once you have selected «delete account», the system will ask you for a series of information that you need to provide and that’s it. Once you have completed all these steps, your account will be removed forever, you will stop receiving emails from him and you will not have access in any way.

Advantages of using Cuponatic

The Cuponatic application allows its users generate savings while purchasing products and the services they need, in addition to the fact that their purchases are completely secure, along with the data they provide to pay for them.

A notable advantage of Cuponatic is that it is quite simple when you make a purchase. Simply enter your username, select the reduction of your preference, buy it and you’re done, it will then arrive in the mail ready to printed and used, It is not like in other cases where you receive or receive books with free coupons at home.