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How to delete, log out and completely unsubscribe from my ComenziYa account

How to delete, log out and completely unsubscribe from my ComenziYa account

At the moment immediate and home delivery services, as more and more companies join forces to provide this type of service. To the extent that there are even companies that are dedicated solely to this process.

However, there are many services that fail to meet the characteristics they offer in the first instance. Which consequently has a deep origin dissatisfaction in front users to whom it would provide a service.

This is the case with the OrdersYa platform, which is why many users decide to completely unsubscribe from the service. Therefore, we will show you how to delete, disconnect and unsubscribe from your OrdersNow account an effective form.

What is the OrdersYa platform?

Home delivery services that are currently available known as delivery services, have seen a large increase in recent years. So, there are more and more companies from which you can choose to enjoy this type of services.

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This is the case with OrdersYa, which currently ranks as one of the delivery services the most recent in Uruguay, which even exported its qualities to other Latin American countries. Well, even though it has a little over a decade on the home services market, it is one of the best features it offers on that market.

Well, although the way OrdersYa works is simple for the user, it has several areas in which it is possible to access these delivery services. Because, although its main strength is the area of ​​food and restaurants, it can also be accessed through OrdersYa deliveries from pharmacies, supermarkets and other stores for the convenience of the user.

These are the features that they consecrate the Ya Orders as one of the great ones in terms of delivery service.

What are the disadvantages of having an OrdersYa account?

Although OrdersYa is one of the best delivery services, the features that position it as such often make it one of the best home delivery services with which to order. customers feel less satisfied.

Well, many point out that the OrdersYa app is not working properly or that the order they requested was charged twice, among other endless evidence that leaves OrdersYa very bad compared to other services of the same type. For this reason, as a result, people often want it Disconnect your account from OrdersNow.

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In addition, some point out that the waiting times to receive the order are excessively long, regardless of whether the order was placed in an area close to the store or not. However, you should know that you have the return service of this platform, as well as the ability to cancel an order in OrdersNow.

Therefore, we could say that those who execute Orders have already considered the complaints and constant requests of users and are is working to improve the aspects of its platform.

How do I delete, disconnect, and unsubscribe from my ComenziYa account?

The possibility of delete and unsubscribe account The one they have in Orders now is one that many users are definitely contemplating, given the shortcomings in the service offered by this platform.

However, with the decision of disconnect your account from OrdersNow users are probably facing the latest feature against this platform. Well, the Orders app no ​​longer has the option to delete the account.

Therefore, to perform this process you can contact customer service from the platform via your OrdersYa phone or your browser. In the latter case, you need to log in to your OrdersYa account and access the «Online Help» section and then «My Account».

Once there, you need to select «Delete my account» option send a written message stating the request to the OrdersYa programmers. Well, you’ll have to wait for the platform’s customer service to respond so they can delete your account.

Finally, when the application is approved, you will receive an email to your email address related to the platform that is communicating to you. that your order account has already been canceled.