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How to delete a Facebook friend request sent

cancelar solicitud de amistad en facebook

On some occasions, it may happen that some people send a friend request unintentionally or by mistake to another person on Facebook, generating more than one embarrassment or inconvenience, and on other occasions, they regret sending a request to a person who is not worthy of your friendship and you want to cancel or cancel this friend request. For these reasons, we would like to present the following article: How to delete a Facebook friend request that I have sent or that I am sending where we explain the procedure to be followed to do this, cancel a Facebook friend request sent.

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How to delete a Facebook friend request sent STEP 1: Access your Facebook profile

The first step is to access the profile of the person to whom the friend request was sent, and for this, they will perform a search in the search box provided. Facebook at the top typing their respective first and last name and then you have to load the results (Enter or Go).

how to search for people on facebook

With the previous action, different user profiles will be uploaded that match the search they made (first and last name) and you here, you will click or click on the profile of the person to whom you sent the corresponding friend request.

how to find people on facebook

How to delete a Facebook friend request sent STEP 2: Cancel the friend request

Once you’re in that person’s profile, you’ll notice that a button appears on Facebook’s cover photo that says, «Friend request sent«And that means that your friend request has been processed, but, yes, it has not yet been accepted or rejected by that person.

how to delete a friend request on facebook

Note no: if the button appears: «Add«It means that their friend request has been rejected and in this case, they do not have to delete the sent request even if the button»friendship«It means that your friend request has been accepted by that person, and if you want to delete this friendship, we recommend that you follow these instructions to avoid leaving traces.

Well, it’s time to delete the friend request you sent, and for that, simply click or hover the mouse cursor over the button: «Friend request sent«And when you do that, a menu will be displayed and they will select the option that says, ‘Cancel the request”.

cancel the friendship on facebook

If things went well, the button said, «Friend request sent«And instead, the button that says, ‘Add”.

how to cancel a friend request on facebook

With this action, they could open up cancel your Facebook friend request without any problem or restriction.