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How to create or create a professional company profile on LinkedIn

How to create or create a professional company profile on LinkedIn

One of the most famous social networks today is LinkedIn, this excellent page where people create their profiles to look for jobs and job offers has been very useful even more today due to the pandemic situation we live in, but how is made? If we are the ones who ask for employees and we need them create a profile for our company on this website.

What is LinkedIn?

This is not a conventional network where you can contact and talk to friends, LinkedIn helps you find or apply for a job this is to your liking, interact with great business people and even be aware of what your favorite companies and brands do every day; But if you are the one who is interested in looking for workers for your company, you should create a profile for your brand, in which they look as professional and visible as possible, so that people ask for it.

By publishing a company on Linkedin, you can get many benefits, among which it is possible to get suppliers as well as customers looking to provide companies; For these reasons, you will find the file in this guide the instructions needed to display your business plus some tips to make it look interesting.

Create a company profile

The first step is to have an active Linkedin profile, because from the active session itself it is possible to create the profile of the professional company from that person will be the administrator of the company profile; In addition, in the profile of the person who manages the company, it must be added that he belongs to or works in that company.

create a professional LinkedIn company profile

Once on the platform continue with the product buttonwhich is to the right of the me button and the profile picture, then a window is displayed showing the option to create the company profile called the company page, there it displays a form asking for the ad name, currency and request a hyperlink to a web page or a company domain, however this must be associated with Linkedin so that it is not the company’s home page.

One of the impediments to creating a business profile on this platform is that not everyone can perform this process right off the bat, to create it. You must have a number of requirements to access this benefitMainly, the professional profile of the person who will be responsible for running the company through this website has a certain type of prestige or reputation, because its category must be between intermediary or stellar.

Continuing with the webmaster, it is recommended that it have multiple administrators, so that when the main administrator, the page creator, may not be aware of it, other employees of the same company may manage it, for this reason. LinkedIn offers the option to have multiple administrators with the same company profile.

Profile and management details

Finally, within the specifications, the creator must add a description of at least 250 characters so that it can be published, as well as specify what type of company it is, if it is small (less than 200 employees) or if it is medium-large (more than 200 employees), product pages or banking institutions in in addition to other simple information questions about the business in question.

the professional company from linkedin creates a profile on your laptop

After creating the professional profile of the company you can start spreading the company name and to enter your webpage, you just need to log in to Linkedin as if it were any social network that is normally frequented.

After that, we continue to repair the web page where you are place marketing details and where the field of graphic design is very important, because the better the product looks, the more attractive it will be to the public and the more views and requests for the company will be generated, the rest of the work is to manage your company’s social network. ., advertising it, propaganda and trying to attract the public’s attention.