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How to create or create a creative promotional banner with CSS and HTML code

How to create or create a creative promotional banner with CSS and HTML code

Promotional banners on websites have become one of the most infallible tools when it comes to attracting customers and users. Because they are attractive and accessible from any platform in which they are used.

In addition, creating a promotional banner with HTML and CSS code is one of the most complete ways you can access it. Because both code tools make the promotional banner look so attractive as original.

For this reason, we will show you the steps you need to follow to create a creative promotional banner and visually appealing with CSS and HTML codes. This way, you will have the basic knowledge to design this item on your website.

CSS and HTML code basics

One of the most affordable ways to create promotional and creative banners for your web page is via HTML and CSS codes. So, it is necessary to deal with the basic concepts that everyone has before you start programming your banner.

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So the code HTML is not a programming language, but rather a markup language. Well, it is used to define the concept of a web page, such as colors, images, texts, lists, among others. Therefore, HTML documents can be used to create web pages.

In this way, HTML and CSS codes are usually identified as midpoint between programming and design. Because CSS and HTML, together with JavaScrip, make up the visual part of a web page, also known as the Front-End.

In turn, CSS code is the complement to HTML because CSS creates an emphasis on style or the aesthetic part of the web page.

Therefore, these two codes are one of the best alternatives to create professional web pages and include them in them creative professional banner through its functions.

Create a promotional banner with HTML code

Promotional banners are currently one of the most attractive digital marketing tools. Since it is possible add that HTML and CSS promotional banner to social networks or web pages to attract and attract the attention of users.

To get started, you need to open the line of code of your webpage and go to the HTML section. Once there, you need to give the title of the promotional banner, you can use a top-level header. Next, you need to use a subtitle or h2 to define the object or reason for your promotion.

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Now you can use a third level title or h3 to set how much discount that your promotion will have. Now, you can set a paragraph to get more users’ attention, defining it as a limited promotion, and inserting a tag anchor to redirect to the order of that promotion.

Next, for the promotion to look like a banner, you need to insert a tag div content at the beginning and end of your HTML code.

Add style to a promotional banner with CSS code

Once you have created the file promotion banner with HTML code It’s time to make the creative touches for that banner using CSS code. To do this, you need to use a CSS tag cloud for your web page to style it.

To do this, it is ideal to start by giving a background to your promotional banner, so you should start by entering the name of your banner. Being, in the case of the previous instruction, that of the div container. Now, to continue placing the banner background, you need to enter the «background» property and the color in which you want your promotional banner to be seen.

On the other hand, if you want your promotional banner to contain a wallpaper, such as the original logo of your website, you must use the «wallpaper» property. To use this, you must give it the value of a URL which contains the image you want to use as the background.

You can also define the size of the image via the «background-size» code the color with which the promotional banner will be covered. This way, when you have added the features of your preference, you will have successfully created a completely original promotional banner.