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How to create backups on Samsung Galaxy A7 2016

How to create backups on Samsung Galaxy A7 2016

This time we want to show you the best way to make a general backup and store it in the cloud for later easy reinstallation whenever needed.

Functions backup and restore They are an essential procedure to keep all those files, contacts, applications and other data safe on a mobile device.

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Therefore, it is important to have a practical and appropriate procedure to regularly generate backups on a phone.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 backups, once obtained at first, can be saved to a local location, external storage, or cloud servers in the line of I drive, OVHcloud, cloud Samsung, Gcloud or similar.

It should be noted here that the preferred server for backing up to the cloud is Google Drive Online whereas, apart from being free, it is the safest and safest we could find.

It is crucial that backups are stored in the cloud Whenever we can or on an SD card and not in the internal storage of the Samsung Galaxy A7 2016, because if we want to restore the backup, we must have access to the directory where we stored these files.

It is recommended that when you back up your mobile device, always copy it to the cloud, to a memory card, to your computer, or to any other type of external storage.

There are various ways to back up phones, most of them free of charge, from applications to PC programs, so we want to show you the best alternative to make such backups on Samsung Galaxy A7 2016.

The best way to backup for Samsung Galaxy A7 2016

The advantage of creating backups on the same device is that it would make it possible to directly protect the files generated in the cloud, so that, in addition to saving much more free space, backups will be stored in a much more big. more reliable location.

Therefore, making full backups on a Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 to automatically save them in the cloud without the need for a computer is undoubtedly a more practical solution and the reason is obvious.

  • Cloud storage becomes as secure or more than a MicroSD memory or a hard drive of our computer.
  • When formatting your mobile phone, files hosted in the cloud will always remain secure.
  • Rebuilding a backup from the cloud is faster and easier.

How to create full backups on Samsung Galaxy A7 2016

You must first activate the application Smart backup for all on your Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 mobile device, a free utility that is available in the Play Store.

After installing Easy Full Backup you just need to turn it on and then click Backup for the tool to find the best option for make a full backup for your smartphone.

How to restore backups on Samsung Galaxy A7 2016?

Nothing is easier than pointing to the Google Drive account email in which we stored the automatic backups.

From that moment you will have all the necessary resources Easily create and restore backups on your Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 device.

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