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How to create backups on Bluboo Picasso

How to create backups on Bluboo Picasso

In this article we want to show you how to make a full backup and then automatically store it in the cloud to retrieve it very easily whenever we want.

Functionality backup and restore is an extremely important action to keep all the files, contacts, and applications and data on a mobile phone.

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This is the main basis on which we need to look for an accessible and appropriate option to generate backups on smartphones whenever necessary or the situation requires it.

Once Bluboo Picasso backups have been compiled, they can basically be saved to a local location, to an external storage medium, or through cloud servers What the Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, pCloud Drive, Google Cloud among others.

It is worth mentioning that it would be our favorite service to save backups in the cloud Google Drive Online because, in addition to being 100% free, it is also the safest and most secure we could find.

It is essential that backups are archived whenever possible in the cloud or an SD memory card, in no case in the internal storage of Bluboo Picasso, because when we have to restore the backup we will have to have access to the location where we saved these files.

Our recommendation for backing up your mobile phone is to always copy them to the cloud, SD memory card, computer, or other external storage.

There are many tools to generate a comprehensive backup of mobile phones, mostly free, ranging from applications to computer software, so in the next tutorial we want to recommend the best choice to create backup copies of Bluboo Picasso.

Create backups of Bluboo Picasso easily

The best advantage of backing up your mobile device is that it will allow you to directly save the resulting file in the cloud, so in addition to enjoying much more memory space, backups will be stored in -a safer place.

Therefore, backing up Bluboo Picasso to protect them in the cloud is undoubtedly a much more convenient option, the reason is obvious.

  • Cloud storage is as secure as a computer’s memory card or hard drive.
  • If we format the mobile phone, the data in the cloud will not be affected.
  • Completing backups in the cloud is much easier and more convenient.

How to easily make complete backups of Bluboo Picasso

You must first activate the application Smart backup for all on your smartphone, a free utility available on Google Play.

Once you have installed Easy Full Backup, just launch it and then select it Backup so that the utility automatically looks for the best way to make a full backup of your mobile phone.

How to restore backups to a Bluboo Picasso?

Something as simple as indicating the email of the Gdrive account to which I associated the automatic backups.

It’s that simple, from that moment on you will have all the resources you need to do it create and restore backups on your Bluboo Picasso mobile phone very easy.

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