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How to create and automate tasks with Slack – Flow Builder

How to create and automate tasks with Slack - Flow Builder

Slack is one of the most widely used visual tools today in online or small businesses because it is one of the simplest and most organized ways to perform various automated daily activities. This tool offers the opportunity to make hiring decisions as soon as it gathers all the information from conversations and documents in one place.

Slack also allows you to communicate and I have conversations by chatting with a real-time work team, immediately developing an effective working relationship. Now, do you want to know how to create and calculate your work with Slack? Then follow us.

Slack What is it?

This is a versatile application, similar to WhatsApp Business, using this tool you can communicate in real time together with colleagues, clients or the work team, without the need to use institutional e-mails, all through live chat. Integrate a wide variety of tools and the best social networks, such as: Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox, MailChimp, among others.

What is a Slack Channel?

That’s what happens both work and team communication, client, co-workers, etc. That is, it is a central site where everyone can share documents and different types of information.

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Channels are the means by which Slack can divide different information into several different parts of work teams and different topics called e-mail threads; function similar to twitter threads.


It’s where weakness configure various computer tasks several steps to publish them later, which you can change at any time.

Create and automate tasks with Slack-flow builder

Follow these simple and practical steps:

  1. Go to the slack site, then click sign up, enter the service email or google, if you are new and through a code you will receive in the email provided, keep registering by following on-screen instructions. If you are already registered, click «Connect to an existing workspace»
  2. You should now open the menu of a Slack workspace, search for Tools, and choose «Workflow Creator»
  3. Click Create a workspace
  4. You should give it a headline describing the workflow immediately
  5. Click the next one, now, as a trigger, choose «new channel member»
  6. Go to «tool» and choose «Workflow Creator»
  7. Click «create»
  8. Now you need to give it a title that describes the workflow.
  9. Click next, now choose the «new channel member» trigger
  10. Choose as recipient «The person who joined the channel»
  11. Now write a nice greeting, you can personalize it.
  12. Finally, you just need to press the post and voila, it will start immediately as soon as a new member joins the desired channel.

Using Slack

This excellent tool allows people in a workgroup to perform or perform in a united way, various tasks fast, efficient.

Workflows are started with a trigger, which in some cases generates an instant workflow, and others are simply started by the person performing a specific action, which must be chosen from the shortcut menu. Has a the free version and one of the paid plans, choose the one that best suits your needs.

What do you need to do to join a poor workflow?

  • If any member of the workflow I’m sending you an invitation, you let them accept that.
  • You can also add yourself directly using your company-assigned email address (institutional email).
  • You can also join by finding some spaces based on your email address.

What you need to know about Slack channels

  • Channels can be organized by team, client or as you decide according to your needs.
  • In terms of message threads, this will allow you to have all your chats both organized and focused on a specific channel theme.

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  • Any member can join or leave the channels at any time.
  • Finally, relaxation will keep your workgroup efficiently efficient and save you time, as it will keep them connected in real time, so you can create and computerize activities with Slack in a simple and useful way.