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How to create a CLAN in PUBG Mobile

Create a clan is a form of strategy to deal with the battles of this popular game available for Android and iOS devices. The goal of these clans is to be able to advance faster and reap benefits.

Create a clan The game is quite simple, however, you need to consider various elements, but important aspects to achieve this. Likewise, this is a recommended strategy for those who hope to be able to buy boxes and items.

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How to create a clan in PUBG MOBILE 2021?

Create a clan In this game it is quite simple, but it must be taken into account that at least 50,000 coins are needed, which can be obtained by completing the challenges and missions that we will find throughout the game.

To quickly opt for these coins, players can win the zombie mode of the game, try to enter the top 10 of classic games, execute various crimes or, as mentioned, complete missions and achievements.

When it comes to this amount of coins, the next thing to do is quite simple. The player must go to the Clan option and choose in «create a clan”. When you’re done, another tab will open.

In this tab, you need to place the clan name and a description of it, while it is advisable to place a logo. Once you’re done, you need to save this configuration and invite those players we want into our clan.

In the clan that will be created, it must be taken into account that only a maximum of 50 people will be able to enter, and the creator of the mentioned team will have the possibility to eliminate the players who joined their clan.

Finally, it must be borne in mind that the main goal, once the clan is created, will be to raise its rank each season so that more rewards can be obtained for each player.

Rewards for creating a clan in PUBG MOBILE

When players choose to advance in the game with a clan, it is much easier to win team missions and special missions. From them you will receive prizes such as classic boxes, Premium and coins.

In addition, once progress is made in this way, the game will give its players the option to create teams for other missions and levels. Players will also have the option to enter clan sections and earn rewards.

These rewards will be for the clan and, in the same way, those who are part of the clan will be able to collect coins when they get daily points in the game, these being a quick way to raise the rank of that clan.

Finally, in addition to the fact that it has the option of create a clan, the game offers the option of the battle mode to its players, where the goal is for the participating players to fight for a part of the battlefield, as well as new updates.

These updates include weird skins that players can customize, new achievement systems with new challenges for each player, and new categories by region.