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How to create a chart with specific data in Excel Excel columns and bars is one of the most surprising examples of technological advancement …

How to create a chart with specific data in Excel  Excel columns and bars is one of the most surprising examples of technological advancement ...

Excel is one of the most surprising examples of technological progress and the help it has represented to facilitate the development of anyone’s life. The Time schedule Calcutta If you don’t have it yet, you should consider purchasing it, it works with specific data and generates graphical representations. Ease and high capacity in calculating many accounts will be very helpful if you want to save time and ensure a good result.

It allows you to manage and calculate both numbers and letters along its lines, as well as import and export files. For those who are in the process of training, they do research and need represents your results, nothing better than using bars or columns for charts.

What types of charts does Excel have?

Excel since its launch in 1985 has had many improvements, if we compare it with the updated version and the latest version of 2019 (v19.0), incorporated too many improvements.

If you really want to know what its range of graphics is, let us tell you that there are 18 types of graphics, each with its own particular features, which you must choose according to your needs. They vary from the elements of base, such as:

  • Column diagram.
  • Line graph.
  • Pie and ring diagrams.
  • Bar chart.
  • Surface diagram.

Those that are related to the buying and selling area:

  • Stock chart.

Even more sophisticated, such as:

  • Surface graphics.
  • Sunburst graphics.
  • Mixed graphics.

Among others that will surely be very useful to you and others a little more advanced. One of the advantages of using this program is the possibility to insert it in the Word document without changing the format, either in the form of a graph or a table.

How do I know which chart to use?

If you still have doubts about correct use of charts in ExcelLet us give you some tips that will definitely make your task easier. First check why you are creating your chart, if it is for a representation of results in which three dimensions do not play an active role, you should opt for a 2D design.

Continuing with the idea, if you want your results to be more detailed, the pie chart can work perfectly. Now, if you want to highlight a factor that has created enough impact to get your results, a column chart it will be perfect for the situation. Even if you want to show comparisons of certain factors or elements of bar graph it will be very understandable to those who observe it.

excel columns excel data bars

We clarify that use of certain types of graphics It varies depending on the year of the program you are using. So if you don’t have the latest version yet, you may not be able to perform certain types of charts or tasks.

How can you customize a chart in Excel?

This tool allows you change some physical aspects of the chart, everything to improve your experience and make it in a way more yours. It has a system of alternatives if you want to easily change something in the design or if you think that the colors are not the most successful. Excel gives you two ways to do this and both with simple steps.

The first, using its default templates, easy and practical to use. You can access them through the option of graphic tools, in design, presentation and formats. Once you are there, you will find various models for free use.

customize Excel columns of bar charts

Second, manually, with this option, you will be able to change the specifications of some items, such as keywords or specifications. To achieve it once you are in Design and format tab, you can remove or modify labels, axes, divisions, background. At this point, we clarify that if you use a 2D chart, walls, floors, and corners will not be available, as this is a 3D option.

If you want to access the style you designed on another occasion, we tell you, there is a possibility, use the option Save as template, to have it at your fingertips in a few clicks.

What is the correct way to present an Excel chart in an exhibition?

If you like bring the diagram to a presentation Without much hassle, let us tell you that once you prepare your slides, one of the most recommended for its excellent performance in addition to being developed by the creators of Excel is PowerPoint, in addition to having its own the option to present your graphics, also allows you to copy and paste the one you made into the popular spreadsheet.

To be able to present your image, all you have to do is sit on it, right-click, search for the copy option, go to your presentation, paste and move it, you can move it to the entire blank page, this procedure it is short and efficient.