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How to convert PDF to JPG quickly and easily

pdf a jpg.

pdf to jpg.

Certainly, on several occasions, you have aroused your need convert a PDF to JPG and you didn’t know how to do it. Well, welcome to TutoWin10 in this simple tutorial, we’ll talk about a tool called I like PDF which will help you accomplish this task in the simplest way possible.

Is it possible to convert a PDF to an online JPG?

Yes, it is perfectly possible and necessary because, despite being a widely used format, many users prefer to use the JPG extension to save their documents.

Therefore, below we will talk about a tool called I Love PDF that will allow you convert PDF to photo for free, in addition to the fact that it has a multitude of additional features, as we will see below.

What do I love about PDF and what is it for?

It is an online tool that allows you to work with PDF files. Thanks to this platform we will have a complete suite of computers that will offer us the following possibilities:

In addition to these features, we can use this application to convert a PDF to a JPG photo, as we will see below.

How to convert a PDF to JPG step by step 2021

The first thing we need to do is enter the official page of this online tool through the following link.

Once inside, we will have to drag the document we want with the mouse converts to JPG extension.

go from pdf to photo.

On the next screen we will have the following options:

  1. Here we will see a preview of the document.
  2. We can pass individual pages in JPG.
  3. Extract all images from the document.
  4. Finally, we move on to convert the document to a photo.

from jpg to image.

Convert PDF to Photo Easy and Fast 2021

After a few seconds, the conversion will be completed and the document will be automatically downloaded to our computer.

  1. If it is not downloaded, we can force the download at any time in the appropriate notification (as in the photo).
  2. The file will be downloaded in compressed format, remember that you can see this tutorial to know how to decompress files from folders.


Once we have unzipped the file, we will see inside the file Convert JPG files from the original PDF, as you can see in the next photo.

convert pdf to image.

And that was all, I hope I helped you with this tutorial, if it happened I would be very happy if you would comment on this and share it with other people through your social networks .. Thank you very much! .